Jay Pharoah Has His Hands Full With Opportunities

Jay Pharoah Jay Pharoah

Jay Pharoah is bringing his undeniable talent and years of experience as a cast member and writer on 'Saturday Night Live' ('SNL') to Australia.

As one of the ten youngest ever comedians to join 'SNL', it's clear there's a well thought-out method to Jay's madness. His impressions and skits have received tens of millions of views over the years.

Here, Jay answers some questions about his comedy and the live show he's bringing down under.

What is the criteria for the people you impersonate?
I study the person and become them.
Why do you have a stage name?
Because the name Jared Farrow sucks (sorry mom!)
Can you pinpoint a particularly wonderful career highlight?
There are way too many to count and quite frankly, every day being able to make people laugh and smile is a continuous highlight.

Is there anyone you've met in the industry lately who had you genuinely starstruck? Who, and why?
Eddie Murphy. I don't think an explanation is needed.

This is your first Australian tour, what took you so long?!
What took y'all so long to call?
What is your 'get out of trouble' impression? That is, who do you bust out when you're drowning? Be it in conversation or on stage.
There's no impression if I'm drowning on stage, I quickly switch the subject and get the audience back on my side... But yeah, Denzel Washington...
What's next for you?
Between shooting movies, television shows, stand-up on the road, and making music, my hands are pretty full at the time... Lol.
Are you going to explore Australian impressions? Who would you choose to impersonate?
Funny thing is that one of my first impressions was The Crocodile Hunter, but okay, Hugh Jackman lol.
What can an audience member expect from your show? Anything you want Australian audiences to know?
You can expect to have one of the best times, at one of the best live shows you will ever see in your lifetime, I guarantee it. Strap up because I talk about EVERYTHING!

Jay Pharoah plays Factory Theatre 16-17 May (Sydney Comedy Festival) and The Comic's Lounge (Melbourne) 18-19 May.


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