Iliza Shlesinger Brisbane Review @ The Tivoli

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Iliza Shlesinger Brisbane Review @ The Tivoli Image: YouTube

When you cause wheezing fits, uncontrollable screeches of laughter and hysterical giggles in your audience – you know you’re doing something right, and clearly something very, very funny.

A realisation that American comedian Iliza Shlesinger must have had many times by now if her Brisbane show was any indication of audience enjoyment.

After her latest Netflix comedy special ‘Elder Millennial’ went viral and had everyone talking, quoting and reenacting it – the sassy Jewish comedian has been on a non-stop global tour.

Taking her brash, straight-talking and truth-telling humour on the road to worldwide acclaim, she stopped for one night in Brisbane and did not disappoint.

From koala chlamydia and other uniquely Australian moments she has experienced, to breaking down all aspects of weddings that she doesn’t condone (she was recently married) – Iliza was in the zone.

Effortlessly bantering with the audience, quipping back to the hecklers and perhaps, in the most beautiful jab at the crowd, she put everyone on edge as she started to perform a part of her popular Netflix special. You could almost hear the audience groaning silently as they became worried she was merely going to reenact the entire Netflix show! Then pow, joke delivered and the audience looked like suckers (although everyone roared along in laughter with her).

Her humour is incredibly timely, right on the money, with intelligent insights about hipster stereotypes, topical conversations and mainstream issues. Not afraid of saying it (the thing that everyone is thinking but no one says out loud) and not avoiding the awkward or uncomfortable punchline – Iliza relishes throwing down truths and strolled about the stage with power and presence.

Her support act Hunter Hill was also hilarious, and surprisingly sweet and endearing, sharing vulnerable moments in his storytelling, before setting the punchlines up perfectly.

The woman sitting behind us gave us cause for alarm, as at multiple points in the show, there was concern she was actually going to die from laughing (seriously the sounds coming from her were terrifying).

You can tell that Iliza has spent years and years honing her craft. Her delivery is effortless, and her jokes roll one after the other after the other, a never-ending stream of nuanced observations that are hilarious, hard-hitting and hysterical.

The only complaint? That her show caused abdominal pain and fatigue from overworked facial muscles (spluttering and screaming with laughter will do that to you). See her at your own peril... Her humour is exhaustingly good.


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