Em Rusciano Promises To Try Harder On Her Latest National Tour

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One of Australia’s most funny and relatable entertainers, Em Rusciano is inviting you to take a trip into her extraordinary world as part of ‘The Try Hard' tour.

A regular online columnist as well as appearing in various TV and radio shows across the country, Em Rusciano’s raw honesty and openness has made her a household name and a hugely popular personality throughout Australia.

One of those people who can “all-round” the shit out of everything, Em can sing, dance, write, joke, and slay herself around the stage, all of which she will display in her latest show based on her best-selling book, ‘Try Hard - Tales From The Life Of A Needy Overachiever'.

“This show is about the stuff that I had to leave out of the book and the songs that were important to me at the time, which obviously couldn’t be added to bring the book to life, so I’ve used it in the show as a powerful memory trigger,” Em explains.

“I’ll also be singing a Jimmy Barnes song in the show and I’ve just released my latest single, ‘Versions Of Me’, so I really want a 'You’re The Voice' moment where everyone will be singing my song back to me,” she laughs. “If I can have that moment I will die happy.”

Prior to the world of entertainment, Em’s identity was based around that of an elite, junior world hurdler, whose dreams unfortunately came crashing down after a career-shattering injury.

The gods obviously had other plans for Em though, after a chance audition for the second season of 'Australian Idol' 12 years ago launched her into the spotlight where she says she immediately felt at home as soon as she hit the stage.

Since then her career has grown from strength to strength and is showing no signs of slowing down, with the new single due out mid-November and plenty of other projects in the pipeline.

Despite this epic adventure, however, Em remains grounded in her approach to her career and admits that it’s not always roses and sunshine. “I feel like I’ve experienced a lot of extraordinary things, so many amazing, strange, horrible things that have ultimately contributed to who I am today.

“I write for my girls and want to shape the world they’re going into and I welcome the idea that I’m becoming a role model, because I am flawed and I make mistakes and I want people to know that they can make mistakes too,” she says.

“I want to continue to help make the world a better place in any way that I can and although I sometimes struggle with the nature of this industry, I take solace in the fact that through my work I have the ability to help people with whatever they’re going through.”

Em Rusciano Shows

Thu 8 Dec - QPAC (Brisbane)
Fri 9 Dec - Enmore Theatre (Sydney)
Sat 10 Dec - Thebarton Theatre (Adelaide)
Tue 13 Dec - Theatre Royal (Hobart)
Wed 14 Dec - Theatre Royal (Hobart)
Thu 15 Dec - Palais Theatre (Melbourne)
Fri 16 Dec - Newcastle Wests City
Fri 10 Feb - Astor Theatre (Perth)
Sat 11 Feb - Astor Theatre (Perth)
Sat 18 Feb - Townsville Entertainment Centre


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