Demi Lardner Review @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2018

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  • Tuesday, 27 March 2018 21:48
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Demi Lardner Demi Lardner

Wacky, weird and full of oddball antics, Demi Lardner presents a comedy show with a twist.

Demi Lardner doesn’t exactly tell jokes as such. She choreographs a performance. Beginning with her introduction to the audience, bopping in the back seats with a smile faced light box on her head, Demi barely stands still.

From reading slightly off key poems, to impersonating a tortoise, Demi struck a chord with the audience. Music is a massive feature of her work, as she moves and speaks in time to different beats. The sound system is really her partner in crime, as jokes are set to pre-recorded sound effects. It is a very physical show, with the way she moves her body integral to both the punch lines and also her charm.

This show will appeal to people with a very specific sense of humour. As Demi herself noted halfway through, if the audience didn’t like it yet, they were in trouble because the second half was just the same. Comedy festivals need this type of unconventional performance though, to push boundaries and just give audiences something different from stand-up.

Demi shows two very sides to herself in the show: one character is a very preppy, upbeat teeny bopper, the other a little grosser. But rather than alienating more conservative show goers with the awkward, more base humour, Demi’s connection with the audience, how genuine she appears to be and how good spirited the show stands her in good stead. If ever a joke fell flat, or flew about the audience’s head, they remained supportive of her, they really rooted for her, which was lovely to see.

Demi’s show was entertaining, funny and feel-good, while still pushing the limits of what a comedy show can be. Get out and see her.

Demi Lardner plays Victoria Hotel from 29 March-22 April and Factory Theatre (Sydney Comedy Festival) from 16-20 May.


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