Dear Future Ex-Husbands – Annisa B Brings Out Her Crazy

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'Dear Future Ex-Husbands' 'Dear Future Ex-Husbands'

A creative and imaginative mind is put on full display in 'Dear Future Ex-Husbands'.

NIDA graduate and award-winning comedic actor Annisa Belonogoff is debuting the show – which is based on real life experiences – around the country.

It's a performance focusing on the female logic of everything from family, friends, dating, society, coffee and bathroom antics. Basically. . . Nothing is off limits.

Annisa moved to Sydney two years ago and has been working the city's stand-up scene since.

“Sydney has provided a great outlet for me to develop my material, performing around venues and theatres alike to showcase my comedy," she explains. "'Dear Future Ex-Husbands' will bring audiences a reflection of the dramas people face in today’s digital, Tinder-obsessed age. The melodrama is real.”

Annisa says coffee has been her most stable boyfriend – and she believes she was truly meant to be a drag queen in another life.

She goes on to talk about how she's all about lifting people up in her material.

“My shows are designed to empower women and inspire men, no one gets left behind,” Annisa says. “Stories from my life that most people can relate to, regardless of gender, we know what it’s like to really stuff life up sometimes.”

“Most of the time it’s men coming up to me after shows telling me how much they enjoyed my sets!”

'Dear Future Ex-Husbands' plays Corner Bar at The Windsor Hotel 22-24 January and Mint Nightclub 25-26 January (Fringe World Perth), Drama Llama at Rhino Room 14-15 February (Adelaide Fringe) and Club Voltaire 25 March-19 April (Melbourne International Comedy Festival).


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