DeAnne Smith Has An Epiphany

DeAnne Smith DeAnne Smith

The multi award-winning DeAnne Smith is heading back to Australia.

The self-described 'Gentleman Elf' can't wait to return with new show 'Epiphany', after taping an acclaimed Netflix special and just generally kicking goals.

Here, DeAnne answers some questions about 'Epiphany'.

This show is called ‘Epiphany’. Have you had an epiphany? What about?!
I am always having epiphanies! (Wait, does that lessen their impact? Can I have one a day?!) You'll have to come to the show to find out.

What got you into comedy? Why do you love it?
I got into comedy for the reason we all do: A deep-seated need for attention and approval. That, and I'm hilarious. I love comedy, stand-up in particular, because it's an ever-evolving art form. It's an equaliser. If you're saying something interesting, you'll have an audience. And I love the back and forth with an audience, how every night is different. It's also one of only a few professions where it's not only allowed, but encouraged, to drink on the job.

How was 2018 for you?
Although the 2018 news cycle made it feel like we're all inching ever closer to a global apocalypse, I have to say that personally, it was pretty great. I have a bunch of fun projects on the go, and I got to tape my first ever special for Netflix in Montreal, the city where I started comedy.

Your stand-up special is up on Netflix… Congratulations! What was that like for you?
The experience of taping it was amazing. My sister was in the audience for the first time! She had no idea I'd say the word "vulva" that many times and she probably won't let her kids watch it, but it was cool for her to see me do comedy in that heightened environment. Since it's come out, the positive feedback has been overwhelming. It's fun to feel like I'm some people's 'discovery' or their new favourite comic. (Shh...don't tell them I've been doing this for over a decade. Just let them feel special that they found me.)  

What are you looking forward to about this year ahead?
Everything! (Hey, looks like my anti-depressants are working!) I'm excited about building my new hour of comedy, digging deep and always getting more real with what I bring to the stage. Oh, and I'm going to clown school in June! I absolutely can't wait, and I look forward to seeing how that experience will affect me on stage in stand-up.

What can Australia expect from you with this show?
Great jokes! Spontaneity! A dash of sincerity! The unexpected! Fun! Great memories! FREE MONEY! (One of these things may not apply.)

You’re pretty well-loved here in Aus. What do you love about this country?
What's not to love? Comedian Mike Wilmot has referred to Australia as Canada with better weather and nicer neighbours. I love the plucky, can-do Australian attitude, the emphasis on mateship, and, of course, how comedy literate Australians are. You guys really know your stuff, from U.K. style to American to your own wacky brand of humour. And I love how much you all support comedians! It's really special.

Is there anything you have a particular dislike for when it comes to our climate, our food, our cities?
Your spiders can get f...ed.

DeAnne Smith Tour Dates

21-24 March – Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane Comedy Festival)
28 March-21 April – Mantra On Russell (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)


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