David O'Doherty Loves Cycling

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  • Friday, 12 April 2019 16:07
David O'Doherty David O'Doherty

Irish comedian and longtime Australian favourite David O'Doherty is wheeling his way around the country with his new show 'Ultrasound'.

“I got my bike from when I was 12 last year,” David explains.

“It was sitting in the shed for 20-something years of my careless, old next-door neighbour; I decided to fix it up and I go cycling on it now. So it's basically about being 12 at a time when I was definitely going to be a professional cyclist, and how things have not necessarily worked out.”

Considering Australia is in the grip of a 'war of the wheels' that's pitting cyclist against motorist for ultimate control of our roads, as a cyclist David weighs in on the debate with his own experiences.

“I would imagine it's the same war that happens in every city in the world at the moment,” he says, “where people who sit in 5 Series BMWs and insist on not taking public transport but driving into work every day, like to listen to radio stations that constantly affirm the fact they are right to drive to their place of work in a 5 Series BMW.

“It's more difficult in a city like Dublin, which has a medieval street grid so at least in these Australian cities the boulevards are a little bit wider so there is more room. What I'm saying is, I get knocked off my bike quite a lot, mostly by Range Rovers or 5 Series BMWs, but I love cycling so much I don't mind.”

David has become a regular visitor to Australia, a very welcome sight (not to mention sound) on our national comedy stages with his off-beat, quirky musical numbers played on a plastic, child's keyboard.

In his time coming here, David has been privy to how Australia has changed over the years, both comedically and politically.

“From a comedy point of view I like that I've been lucky to be here during this kind of revolution where... There's so many incredible Australian comedians that have come through,” he says. “Some of my best friends are the likes of Tom Ballard, Rhys Nicholson, Felicity Ward, Celia Pacquola – all these amazing people.

“As for Australia itself, I am always intrigued by Australian politics. I don't necessarily follow it all the time but when I get back into it, it always seems to be the exact same thing is happening again, which is quite like Irish politics to be honest.”

Like Australia, Ireland has also seen significant political change in recent times which David views as positive steps towards a more progressive society.

“We've gone in 25 years from being an incredibly conservative, religious country to being a modern European city, and I've been lucky enough that some of my friends have been at the forefront of the change.

“We came from pretty far back... If you're ever talking to someone who believes in a monarchial society or any sort of white supremacy, the best thing to do is look at Ireland because we had a good go at it there for about 50 years and it was one of the worst countries in the world,” he laughs.

David O'Doherty Tour Dates

Until 21 April – Forum (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)
24 April – Regal Theatre (Perth Comedy Festival)
27 April – The Tivoli (Brisbane)


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