David O’Doherty @ 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Review

  • Written by  David Zwolenski
  • Monday, 11 April 2016 12:51
There’s nothing sadder than a 40-year-old man who hasn’t grown up. Unless that 40-year-old man is David O’Doherty and then it’s downright hilarious.

Dressed in a yellow cap, blue pants and a red, stripey t-shirt, David states at the top of the show (Forum Theatre, 8 April) that this look is him channeling a randomly successful YouTube star and the description is almost too fitting.

Bouncing from story to story, observation to observation, David swans across the stage like an inebriated toddler, occasionally pulling out his trademark Casiotone keyboard to serenade us with ‘things he’s noticed’. The reoccurring theme of David’s show is, by his own admission, cynicism.

Somehow though, he manages to wrap his discerning opinion of the state of the world in a neat little bow of childlike optimism. As he rightly points out, you have to laugh at the many atrocities happening in the world, even if that laughter may at times be forced.

There’s nothing forced about David’s comedy though and his ability to have an audience cackling hysterically while at the same time making them think, is truly remarkable. There were some parts towards the end of the show where David gave us some insight into the political climate of his home country, Ireland, and while at times it was fascinating it was hard not to feel like his kin might better suited to the material.

Having said that, the show was continually in motion: smart, unabashed, unashamed and, most of all, reminded us that you really do have to laugh at the world after all. 'Cause if you don’t, you may end up crying.

David O'Doherty continues at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival until 15 April. David also performs at the Sydney Comedy Festival (Enmore Theatre) 17-18 April and the Perth Comedy Festival (Regal Theatre) 19 April.

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