Dave Thornton Interviews Tommy Little Who Interviews Dave Thornton

Best mates: Tommy Little and Dave Thornton Best mates: Tommy Little and Dave Thornton
Comedian Dave Thornton has had a decade-plus career that started in Geelong at a Raw Comedy heat. He has since featured on ABC TV's Upper Middle Bogan and The Comedy Channel’s 'Just For Laugh Special'.

Dave's best mate, Tommy Little, is also a comedian who got his break when he appeared on RMITV's Studio A show (which was hosted by Dave); Tommy would eventually handle the 'Studio A' hosting duties from Dave.

In 2016, both gents have busy work schedules with appearances at comedy festivals across this big, burnt piece of toast we call Australia. So busy, they're conducting their own media schedules.

We asked for an interview, honest, but were rebuked by Tommy and Dave who marshalled their own media team to present the following, random conversation thread. Enjoy. The best you can.

Dave Thornton interviews Tommy Little

With such a big torso and tiny legs do you worry you’ll topple over and never get up again?
That’s the dream. As I’ve always said: “why do leg weights when you can just wear pants?”

You refer to yourself as 'The Weapon'. Are you concerned people will think you’re a flog?
No one thinks The Weapon is a flog; everyone thinks he’s a lovable larrikin that occasionally refers to himself in third person.

Are there any tattoos you have that you WON’T regret?
Tattoos are all about regret. The only thing worse than having regrettable tattoos is having none at all and no stories to tell.

Does it annoy you that I routinely kick your arse on the basketball court?
You’re such a struggler that I think it’s important to let you win from time to time. I’m a good friend.

Tommy Little 02 16
Tommy Little

What was your favourite part of living with your brother in that dilapidated sharehouse?
The doors wouldn’t lock, so it was impossible to get locked out and I never had to remember to take keys anywhere.

If you could give advice to your younger self what would it be?
Don’t shave your pubic region before the Year 12 formal: the resulting itching and in-grown hairs are a nightmare.

Will you ever clean your car?
Nah. If it gets too messy I’ll get a new one.

Who’s the most famous person you’ve dated?
Haha. You know that’s a secret and you’re a jerk for asking.

What is the most amount of dates you’ve gone on in a year?
It’s a question like this that guarantees no one will ever date me again.

What’s the most creative way you’ve broken up with someone?
I once hired a plane skywriter to write: 'I think we should see other people' in the sky, but unfortunately she was stuck inside at work and didn’t see it.

Tommy Little interviews Dave Thornton

Why do you idolise Tommy Little so much?
Hey you misspelt ‘pity’ as ‘idiolise’. Not sure why you did that.

You’re very good at basketball. How then is it possible that you’re so bad at every other sport?
Same reason you’re a great stand-up but a terrible actor: some talents just don’t translate.

Would you say you’re a hipster, a wanker or both?
Both. What I lack in being a full-blown hipster I make up for in being a wanker.

What do you want your final words before death to be?
I need some space, can someone get all these supermodels off my ship?!?!

Do you have any re-occurring dreams?
I forget my dreams straight away, but I’d say my subconscious is lazy enough to play repeats for sure.

What’s your guilty pleasure when it comes to TV?
I play a drinking game where I have a shot anytime Channel 7 cross-promotes one of their upcoming shows on the broadcast of the Australian Open. I never remember the end of any match.

Apart from yourself, what’s your hometown of Geelong famous for?
It’s nickname: G-troit. The Order of Australia medal should be handed to whoever created that one.

How did you get the nickname 'Hollywood'?
There’s only one person who calls me that and he calls himself 'The Weapon'! Who would do that?

When are you and your fiancé going to get married?
Didn’t you get the invite…? Awkward.

Can I be in the bridal party?
Ok; you can be the flower girl.

Dave Thornton Tour Dates

4-6 Mar - Brisbane Comedy Festival @ Brisbane Powerhouse
8-13 Mar - The Garden Of Unearthly Delights @ Adelaide Fringe
18-19 Mar - Canberra Theatre @ Canberra Comedy Festival
24 Mar to 17 Apr - Max Watt's @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival
11-14 May - The Comedy Store @ Sydney Comedy Festival

Tommy Little Tour Dates

12-28 Feb - The Garden Of Unearthly Delights @ Adelaide Fringe
1-6 Mar - Brisbane Comedy Festival @ Brisbane Powerhouse
19 Mar - The Uni Pub @ Canberra Comedy Festival
24 Mar to 17 Apr - The Forum @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival
28 Apr to 1 May - Mount Lawley Bowling Club @ Perth Comedy Festival
5-7 May - The Comedy Store @ Sydney Comedy Festival

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