Cameron James Says His Grandma Is A Comedy Genius

Cameron James Cameron James

Do you hate shark tooth necklaces? What about people who post a question as a Facebook status when they could open a new tab and Google it?

Cameron James hears you loud and clear, and he's back with another hour of mean jokes and satire.

The show is called 'Strawberry Blonde'.

We'll let Cameron explain that within his answers to the questions below.

You're described as a 'male bitch'. Ha. Is that self-proclaimed?
I’ve been described as many things; ‘visionary comedian’, ‘mr. boombastic’, ‘strawberry blonde devil’ and yes, ‘male bitch’. Whether or not they’re self-proclaimed is beside the point. But yeah, a male bitch is a type of guy I see more and more out there. It’s not a sexuality thing, it’s an attitude thing. It’s a guy who doesn’t mind letting a bit of a mean streak into their comedy, and usually loves a bit of goss.

Seems like you're good comic relief for people who have low tolerance in certain social situations. Was this your intention all along?
High strung people are hilarious. There’s nothing funnier than a guy out of his element, getting flustered, spilling coffee on himself, tripping up some stairs. I feel like these people are drawn to me somehow. I just had an Uber driver accidentally run two red lights in a row and I had to talk him down from a full blown tantrum. I always end up impersonating them on stage or in sketches, but it’s only because I care for them.

What got you into comedy?
My family is funny. My grandma Norma is the rudest person I’ve ever met, and as a result, a comedy genius.

The show is called 'Strawberry Blonde'. Is there a reason you chose hair as the focal point of the name of your latest stand-up offering?
Lol, well it’s not really about the hair, is it? It’s about lying to yourself, or accepting yourself, or denial - actually no it’s not. It’s just a name that made me laugh.

What is something you've learned from being a comedian?
That sometimes people just wanna laugh. Not everything has to be important. Sometimes making fun of everything makes us all feel closer.

Is there anything you wish you hadn't experienced in this line of work?
You know... I was a bit hurt after my ex, Mel Buttle and I split up. But it was for the best. She’s a hilarious comedian and I can’t wait to see her show. We’re still great friends, and I admire her work.

And what's next for Cameron James? Your show description says you've had zero personal growth… How about a bit of that?
I refuse to grow, change, or have a moment of clarity. But I’ll always be trying to make people laugh.
My comedy soulmate Becky Lucas and I are working on a TV show, and because I’m a male comic I legally have to have a few podcasts: A mystery show on ABC called 'Finding Drago', a movie one called 'Total Reboot' (both with sweetie Alexei Toliopoulos), and 'A Bit Of This And A Bit Of That' with Becky.

Cameron James Tour Dates

14-17 March – Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane Comedy Festival)
9-21 April – Greek Centre - Aphrodite (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)
8-12 May – Factory Theatre (Sydney Comedy Festival)


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