Brisburned Review @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2018

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  • Tuesday, 27 March 2018 22:08
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'Brisburned' 'Brisburned'

This show is an epic must see for any Brisbanite, and everyone else who enjoys ragging on our fair city.

'Brisburned' is a sketch comedy show all about our beloved city and its foibles. Beginning with settlement, the five cast members take us through 17 scenes displaying Brisbane at its worst, yet funniest. The time absolutely flies by.

From the colour of our river, to the crazy mess of our streets, the sheer number of hills, and the rift between those who live in the north versus those (fools) in the south, 'Brisburned' hits pretty much every nail on the head. The rap in particular is genius, but all the writing is insightful, witty and entertaining. Audience members kept nodding to themselves excitedly and whispering “that’s so true!”. Whether or not that’s a good thing may be a different story.

The team really throw themselves into the performance, and their enthusiasm helps the audience to forgive any jokes that may bruise the Brisbane-loving ego. Everyone could relate to gags about poor urban planning, and perfect flat whites.

But the show is never mean spirited or pretentious, it is actually a great night out to celebrate Brisbane, the city we love to complain about but will probably never leave.


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