Brisbane Comedy Festival's Sunday Showdown @ City Hall Review

Sunday Show was MCd by Peter Helliar Sunday Show was MCd by Peter Helliar
Sunday Showdown (28 February) was almost 90 minutes of hilarious, inappropriate, awkward and inventive comedy and possibly the most unexpected collection of comedic cohorts to perform on the same bill.

Let’s be honest, sometimes when you have too many comedic flavours in a show, it can feel competitive, or can lack cohesion. And then rather than appreciating the diversity of perspectives, you end up feeling confused and frustrated.

Not at this showdown: this group of stand-up comics, performers and dancers provided a tantalising smorgasbord of comedic delicacies. MC-ed by the buoyant and hyper happy Peter Helliar, the night was filled with stories, memories, observations and accusations and City Hall reverberated with the sounds of laughter in all its forms.

From quiet chuckles to outright screams of laughter, to awkward groaning guffaws to silent hysteria from a joke told so well, the line-up of comedians seemed to appeal to every audience member.

Sam Campbell 02 16
Sam Campbell

We appreciated the insanely funny Cam Knight who recounted horror stories about an IVF sperm bank, Sam Campbell who was outrageously odd and then brought out two even odder sidekicks: Damien Power who impersonated drunk bogans and aliens brilliantly and Gen Fricker who sang beautifully and created comedy through her basslines.

Aunty Donna.2 02 16
Aunty Donna

Aunty Donna were mesmerisingly energetic and so on point with their observations performed through techno dance routines. Harley Breen probably needs therapy from his childhood as he told stories that had to be heard to be believed.

Nazeem Hussain was endearingly spontaneous and seemed to have created his entire set-up on the stage. While the incomparable Frank Woodley took physical comedy to another level.

Nazeem Hussain.16.02
Nazeem Hussain

It’s true that not every act produced the same reaction or response but overall, the standard was high and the hilarity ongoing, and isn’t that what an audience is seeking?

If this is the prelude to the Brisbane Comedy Festival then this year we are in for some side-splitting and gasping-for-air-it’s-that-good comedy routines.

The Brisbane Comedy Festival takes place at the Brisbane Powerhouse and runs until 23 March.

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