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Tommy Little and Dave Thornton will both appear at the 2016 Brisbane Comedy Festival Tommy Little and Dave Thornton will both appear at the 2016 Brisbane Comedy Festival

This year's Brisbane Comedy Festival is massive. So gargantuan we couldn't fit all the content in.

But we posed three general questions to our merry bunch of performers. Here are a selection of the best responses.

1. What is your favourite aspect about Brisbane?
2. What will 2016 be remembered for?
3. An hour prior to performance, where can we usually find you?

So grab a glass of tickle juice and enjoy the responses.

Tom Ballard 02 16Tom Ballard

Tom Ballard

1. “The over-arching chillness of the vibe. No one seems particularly fussed or stressed in Brisbane; I think you've all sweated out the panic of modern life.”

2. "I don't know, but with the world's richest 1 per cent now owning more than the rest of the world combined, the planet on the verge of environmental collapse, ISIS continuing to terrify us all and Donald Trump's potential to become the most powerful man in the world growing, it's sure as shit not going to be good. Although that Rihanna album should come out this year. That'll be nice."

3. "Regretting my life choices. Probably on the toilet."

Tom Ballard performs at the BCF from 15-20 March.

Gen Fricker 01 16Gen Fricker

Gen Fricker

1. "The Skyneedle. One day I hope to be rich and narcissistic enough to own one for myself. I'll call it the Fricker Prick.”

2. "The new Avalanches album! It's been 16 years but I have a good feeling about it."

3. "Pacing and sweating. It's not a performance thing, it's just how I live my life."

Gen Fricker performs at the BCF from 15-20 March.

Damien Power

1. “It’s a home crowd for me! Before every show I get the whole crowd in a big circle and we chant QUEENSLANDER! QUEENSLANDER! And anyone from NSW is made to stand in the middle of the circle and we bully and humiliate them and they’re forced to leave the building naked. I WANTED to do that but apparently it’s 'illegal', so now you just turn up and watch a great hour of stand-up.”

Damien Power 02 16Damien Power

2. "Virtual reality and robots. The robots are coming to take our jobs and change capitalism. A revolution is unfolding of epic proportions that will shake the foundations of our society.  Virtual reality porn has also arrived... so… big changes. Want to know more? Come and see my show."

3. "Crouched in the corner of the Powerhouse shaking, questioning my life choices."

Damien Power performs at the BCF from 1-6 March.

Tom Gleeson

1. “I love watching people dig into their winter wardrobe because it's 27 degrees.”

2. "The year Queensland got daylight savings."

3. "In a hotel in my underpants, watching ABC News."

Tom Gleeson performs at the BCF from 17-20 March.

David Quirk

1. “I was there last year doing a run of shows and it rained so hard for three days that all I could do was sit in a hotel room and watch the Story Bridge and its lights change colour. It was beautiful, really. That, and a man named Aaron Gocs.”

David Quirke 02 16David Quirk

2. "The year that the most ageing celebrities died. Each year that will increase, obviously, but 2016 will be the start. That, and hopefully less and less people eating animals."

3. "I suspect I'll be roaming the park near the Powerhouse. Sometimes I even do stretches and breathing exercises like I'm a professional performer. I do it right there in a park. More or less depending how nervous I am. This show will be good though, so I don't think there'll be any need to touch my toes for it."

David Quirk performs at the BCF from 15-20 March.

Becky Lucas

1. “I've always found it hard to explain to my friends in Sydney what makes Brisbane so great, and I think that's my favourite aspect: it's hard to summarise what makes it such a great city, you just have to feel it. Though for me, during Comedy Festival I imagine my favourite aspect will just be returning home and revisiting all my favourite places to eat and drink: nothing better than a BYO bottle of sav blanc and pho at Quan Tanh in West End.”

Becky Lucas 02 16Becky Lucas

2. "The year everyone goes viral, even that guy at your work called 'Steven' who has never said an interesting thing in his life."

3. "I like to go over my show a few times, sometimes I'll call another comic for a chin wag and if I'm feeling pessimistic you can find me perusing other possible jobs I can apply for online if I have a terrible show. Would love to be a dog groomer!"

Becky Lucas performs at the BCF from 8-13 March.

Hannah Gadsby

1. "It's not Mt Isa."

2. "David Bowie dying or the end of the world."

3. "Usually I am trying to work out how to leave the house."

Hannah Gadsby 02 16Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby performs at the BCF from 8-13 March.

Sam Campbell

1. “I love NOTHING more than filling a bucket with big chunks of raw meat, which I chuck into the Brisbane River for the bull sharks to gobble up while I relax and browse the latest issue of Scenestr for hot, new entertainment scoops.”

2. "Hopefully something positive like the discovery of a group of aliens with cool machines and great ideas. They will stop all of the wars and teach humans to change colours and live forever."

Sam Campbell 02 16Sam Campbell

3. "In a dark cave lit up by candles, looking at the giant tattoo of Carl Barron on my stomach for inspiration. THANKS SO MUCH FOR INTERVIEWING ME IT MEANS A LOT AND IF YOU ARE READING THIS COME SEE MY SHOW AND STOP BEING A SLAVE!"

Sam Campbell performs at the BCF from 1-6 March.

Dave Thornton

1. “I love how Brisbane's Yellow Cabs are all orange. Way to make everyone ask themselves if they're colour-blind guys.”

2. "Australia will look back and say 'our relationship with the US really went downhill after President Trump was voted in'."

3. "Disinfecting myself after spending the day swimming in the Southbank man-made 'beach'."

Dave Thornton performs at the BCF from 4-6 March.

Anne Edmonds

1. “I love the Brisbane River. I’m mad for a river. I love that walk you can do so near the city where you see the huge cliffs on one side and the Botanical Gardens are on the other. People seem healthy and happy in Brisbane.”

2. "What about another Prime Minister? Can’t hurt. I’ll do it. Why not? I hope it is remembered for when we welcomed the Syrian refugees and they settled here peacefully and happily."

3. "Sitting in a dressing room with a cup of tea, staring straight ahead. Sometimes I try and meet and greet the audience in the bar but they don’t know who I am yet, so it’s pretty awkward. I’m best kept out of sight."

Anne Edmonds performs at the BCF from 1-6 March.

Tommy Little

1. “The fashion. It’s the only state that I’ll find multiple blokes in the theatre wearing singlets.”

Tommy Little 02 16
Tommy Little

2. "Hopefully not terrorism, I think we can all agree we hope it’s anything but terrorism."

3. "I’d like to say doing vocal warm-ups and yoga to get in the zone, but the truth is I'm usually at the bar."

Tommy Little performs at the BCF from 1-6 March.

Steen Raskopoulous

1. "I love how the people of Brisbane are very considerate towards NSW during the State Of Origin. They're all so nice and considerate and aren't bothered if NSW win, which they haven't done too much of but they are still so encouraging every year."

2. "The return of Craig David at the top of the charts where he rightfully belongs."

3. "I like playing video games beforehand. So if anyone wants to bond before the show add me on Xbox Live (skopa9). We can have a few games of FIFA and then a few laughs in my show."

Steen Raskopoulous performs at the BCF from 8-13 March.

The Brisbane Comedy Festival takes place at the Brisbane Powerhouse until 23 March.

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