Breakout Comedy: Becky Lucas Holds It Together

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  • Friday, 10 March 2017 11:07

Big things are happening for Becky Lucas.

During her set in the 2013 RAW Comedy Competition Finals, she joked about being judged by her friends and family for her poor, life choices. With Becky now a rising star in Australian comedy, a different tune is sung. “I’m living out of home, paying my bills, and doing some cool stuff.

“I think once you stop asking for money, like once I could stop asking dad for $20 or whatever, they can’t really judge you. You’re doing your own thing. I think the judgement used to happen when I was sitting on their couch, eating Milo and going, ‘I’m gonna be a comedian’. From all accounts, life’s going pretty good, so there’s not too much judgement.”

Becky’s interest in comedy began long before she started performing. “My dad used to always listen to stand-up on tape,” Becky recalls. “He took me to a few bigger ones, like Carl Barron if he was in town.

“But then every time it was on or around I was more drawn to it in a way more so than my friends around me. Like at music festivals, if there was comedy on I’d separate from the group and go watch it. Then I got back from overseas and had lots of confidence, and I just decided to try it.”

Since moving from Brisbane to Sydney, Becky has dove deep into the comedy world, becoming one of the most promising comedians on the Australian circuit. This year, Becky will not only be performing as part of the ‘Breakout Comedy’ showcase at the Adelaide Fringe, but will also be touring around the country with her third and latest solo show ‘Little Bitch’.

The title ‘Little Bitch’ may come across as abrasive, but Becky says it’s by design. “It’s always been a thing. People would always joke, ‘Oh, you’re a little bitch!’ I guess I can be a little biting sometimes.

“But I also need it as a deterrent to keep people who are uptight away from my show. I just can’t be bothered performing to people who don’t like swear words or anything that’s crude or whatever. If people are like, ‘I want to see a show called ‘Little Bitch’,’ then they’ll probably be up for what I want to talk about.”

Becky’s hope for the show is to widen the type of audience she attracts, which she has noticed is currently made up of “older women who are a little bit damaged. An older woman who sort of looks like she has it together, but secretly sneaks a cig.

"Someone who’d drop her kids off but then secretly have a cigarette by the river. I love people who look like they’re holding it together but it’s a lie.”

While also touring the country, Becky will also be writing for a new series commissioned by streaming service STAN called ‘The Other Guy’. The show is based on the life of fellow comedian Matt Okine, featuring plot points about pregnancy scares and affairs.

“Matt Okine, because he was doing comedy, I told I was thinking about doing comedy and he booked me my first gig. Now we’re working on a show together. It’s kind of come full-circle.”

Becky Lucas Live Dates

11-12 Mar - Adelaide Fringe (Breakout Comedy)

14-19 Mar - Brisbane Powerhouse (solo shows)

24-25 Mar - The Street Theatre (Canberra)

30 Apr-24 May - Victoria Hotel (Melbourne)

4-7 May - Regal Theatre (Perth)

17-21 May - Enmore Theatre (Sydney)


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