Blake Everett Talks About His Greatest Hit(s) At Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Blake Everett Blake Everett

Greatest hits! Your favourite jokes! Good time money-back guarantee!

Nah. It's not actually a greatest hits show unfortunately. But it is a cool new blend of stand-up, sketch and musical comedy!

In 2016, Blake Everett was 'king hit' ('coward punched') out the front of a Frankston cinema. There was coverage in The Age... The Daily Mail... Channel 7... Channel 9... Channel 10. There was social and political commentary around a spate of one-punch incidents, and now, in 2019, Blake will bring his story to the stage.

It's his fifth show in four years.

He's a 21-year-old stand-up, sketch and musical comedian from Melbourne.

His fourth ever gig was at age 14 in front of 2,000 people at the 2012 Class Clowns National Final as part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival. During his year 12 studies, Blake found himself performing his first hour-long solo show in the 2015 Melbourne Fringe entitled 'I Should Be Studying', just three weeks before his exams. Fitting title, right?

Blake Everett plays Tasma Terrace from 26-31 March.


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