Behind the Lines: The Old Treasury Building To Host Political Cartoon Exhibition

John Shakespeare's take on the Australian electoral process in recent years. John Shakespeare's take on the Australian electoral process in recent years. Image © John Shakespeare

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival will welcome the return of participation from The Old Treasury Building this year to reflect on the crazy political happenings of 2018.

Named 'Behind the Lines: The Year's Best Political Cartoons 2018', the exhibition will shine a light on the world that was Australian politics in 2018, through the wild and wacky lens of 'Alice In Wonderland'.

Political Cartoonist Of The Year, Matt Golding, created the hero image for the exhibition. Featuring a bemused Alice, she peeps through a keyhole into a over-worldly sight of familiar figures.
Behind The Lines 03 19 MattSo knife to meet you, Mr Prime Minister. Matt Golding has a stab at our procession of PMs.

A Bill Shorten-looking white rabbit, King Malcolm Turnbull, Tweedledum and Tweedledee (which represent the citizenship disqualification dilemma) are all featured, including a menacing Tony Abbott Cheshire Cat looking on from above.

Delighted to be included in the exhibition and to be chosen as Cartoonist Of The Year, Matt Golding's work is sinister, creative and a sight to see.

“People are drawn to cartoons, they gravitate towards them because of their beautiful simplicity and their power to challenge, to make people think and possibly see the world in a different way,” Matt says.

Other cartoonists attending the exhibition include John Shakespeare, Michael Leunig, Cathy Wilcox, David Rowe (2017 Cartoonist Of The Year) and Mark Knight.

Behind The Line 03 19 Jon K
You don't have to dive too deep to see what artist Jon Kudelka was angling at in this cartoon.

A regular exhibitor, this is the first time in years that The Old Treasury Building will be open for exhibition during the comedy festival.

Director of The Old Treasury Margaret Anderson says it is a natural fit for the Festival. 

“Political satire is embedded in Australia’s democratic history and in our theatre history too,” she says. 

“Whatever your take on politics – crucible of the nation or theatre of the absurd – 'Behind the Lines' will leave you smiling.”

'Behind The Lines' will be on display at The Old Treasury Building (Melbourne) from 4 March-23 April.


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