Becky Lucas Review @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2018

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  • Sunday, 11 March 2018 20:51
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Becky Lucas Review @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2018 Image © Monica Pronk

Becky’s jokes range from while she’ll never win a Nobel prize, to polyamory, to the MeToo movement and takes the audience along with her every step of the way.

Becky Lucas is a home-grown comedian and it’s so good to have her back. Right out of the gate she tells a joke about Powerhouse parking that only a true Brisbane local would get. From there she rolls through international love trends, what it’s like to be a female comedian and the MeToo revolution, and it works well – it’s a great show that tackles serious subjects in a surprisingly effective way.

Becky’s jokes don’t always connect with the audience. But she even turns those moments into hilarious patter. She has a great relationship with the audience and seems to have the confidence to shrug off the occasional dud line. Which is ironic, as a lot of her shtick is about having low self-esteem. She easily involves the crowd and gets them chatting, making for a relaxed, comfortable time.

An interesting point came when Becky reflected on a recent review which called her work 'superficial'. She explained how comedians rarely get to explain their jokes, to make sure that audiences connect with them on a deeper level, or understand hidden meanings. So she explained a particularly superficial story, and got her laughs on both the immediate and meta level. It’s this ability to be so versatile with her comedy while also seeming completely at ease on stage that makes Becky Lucas a comedian to watch.

Becky Lucas Dates

21-22 March – Canberra Theatre Centre (Canberra Comedy Festival)
29 March-22 April – Melbourne Town Hall (Melbourne Comedy Festival)
16-20 May – Factory Theatre (Sydney Comedy Festival)


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