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Is Impressed By Australian Theatre Food

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  • Wednesday, 06 February 2019 16:44
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Amos Gill performs his new show 'Almost Famos' at Adelaide Fringe. Amos Gill performs his new show 'Almost Famos' at Adelaide Fringe.

“Rack off, baby!”... Playfully dismissing his press person, Amos Gill is more than ready to chat.

One of Australia’s most successful multimedia expats, Amos has done so well in America on its comedy circuits that they’ve given him back to us for a festival stint.

Asking him if he’s already on Aussie soil, Amos replies, “I’m in Perth, at the Perth Fringe – so no, this is not Australia. It serves as its own world.” Poor Perth people! “It’s just so far away, isn’t it?” Amos continues.

It’s a good thing, in a way, if you’re into being away from the majority of the madness.
“Yeah, they have an arrogance as well, like, ‘We don’t need the rest of the country!' It’s like, ‘Yeah but you’ve got no minerals anymore so shut up!’”

Interjecting the giggles with talk of the 'true-say', it’s hard to argue with Amos. “But hey,” he says, “I’m not gonna rag on Perth, me mum lives here!”

Amos has just pulled off a few spots at Perth’s Comedy Lounge, saying they’re very happy when comics come on over to perform. “Not a lot of acts come,” he says. “I know that, growing up in Adelaide. A lot of concerts give you the miss!”

“So what’s going on, scenestr?” Amos is more interested in learning more about the publication he’s speaking with, than discussing his success in America and upcoming appearances at various Aussie comedy shows – it’s like trying to lock a toddler into a high chair (except far more endearing).

Once he’s strapped down, Amos is happy to chat about himself and his success. Getting his start in commercial radio, it was his close relationship with Jim Jefferies that propelled Amos into deeper waters. “I’ve always wanted to be an out and out comic,” he says. “I moved over [to the US] with Jim, living with him, kind of an au pair/child – helping out around the house, living with Jim Jefferies.”

“I was in America for four weeks and I got to open for him at Madison Square Garden – I was like, ‘Well this happened pretty quickly!’

“They still served, like, Cheetos at Madison Square Garden, which was a bit of a come down for both of us,” he says incredulously. “Like, where’s the caviar?! It’s a paper plate… With Cheetos on it! Step up, Madison Square Garden!

“Legitimately, Toowoomba Theatre? They had full, jam, cream biscuits and Madison Square Garden gave me Cheetos! I’ll never forgive them for that!”

Amos is joking, of course, but at Adelaide Fringe he says his expectations for high-end snacking isn’t a priority. “Usually the venues I’m playing in, there are a lot of things provided; few of them are edible! Mainly Cooper’s beer, if I’m honest! Australians in a festival, I don’t think anyone is at a level where they’re giving you food!

“You’re kind of in a broom cupboard with one beer and they’re like, ‘You need to be out of here 15 minutes after your show’. You can’t have a post-show party when you’re playing in a tent!”

Adelaide is essentially the home show for Amos. “America really tightens you up,” he says, “You’re performing alongside the best people all the time – it does raise your game. You come back a lot tighter. I’d like to think I’ve got a pretty tight show for the people in Adelaide,” Amos says reasonably.

“This is my full-time job now so I’d like to think I’ve stepped it up a notch!”

Amos Gill plays Rhino Room (Adelaide Fringe) 14 February-16 March.

Amos Gill Tour Dates

1, 8 & 15 Apr - Melbourne Town Hall
28 Mar-21 Apr - Swiss Club (Melbourne)
24-28 Apr - The Factory Theatre (Sydney)


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