Alice Fraser Is Building Her Own Empire

Alice Fraser has become the silent assassin of the Australian comedy scene.

Conquering podcasting, TV and stand-up in one swoop, Alice returns to Adelaide Fringe with her new show 'Empire'. We had a chat about power, revenge and Pauline Pantsdown.

What would an empire run by Alice Fraser look like?
I think an empire run by me would have a lot more comedy. All the comedians would be philosopher kings.

You’re new show is about power; tell us about the time you felt most powerful?
When I gave up law, because it was taking over my life. I think when you’re going into uni and you’re good at words and language people say the only way you can make money from that is being a lawyer. So there’s a bunch of thoughtful, wordy people that realise that law is boring and they slide off into comedy.

Your show also concerns revenge; could you tell us about the best revenge you’ve ever done or seen?
I think living well is the best revenge. I was bullied in high school and seeing those same people in uni, being happy felt quite vengeful. Having my shit together really made me feel good.

How do you feel about the type of people that are rising into power all around the world?
I can’t hear about Hanson in Australia without thinking of Pauline Pantsdown, so there’s that. I think it makes it easier to write jokes, but it makes it harder to write interesting and unique jokes because everybody is outraged by the same stuff.

But I’m not interested in current affairs, I’m interested in why current affairs are happening. I like to talk to people about smaller, personal stuff.

What kind of message would you want to leave with people after seeing 'Empire'?
I think try harder, be careful, use your power wisely.

You’ve done comedy in New York; what’s something that that scene has that the Australian scene doesn’t have?
Uhhhh, money? Haha, no that’s not true. Space. In New York there’s many, many people who are trying desperately hard. It takes a long time in America to make your name and people spend a long time honing their set. They’ll work on a five-minute bit for three years, wherein Australia you have to have a new hour every year for the festival circuit. Which adds a lot of variety, I think.

You’ve done pretty much everything you can in media, print, radio, TV, stand-up. If you had to choose one of these mediums to do for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why?
I’d do radio or podcasting 'cause there’s something more personal to it. I mean, TV’s the one I’m really aiming for now, but it’s not something that you want to do for the rest of your life because TV’s quite unforgiving, particularly for ladies.

My last question is more of a task. Can you tell me in three sentences why people absolutely have to see 'Empire'?
It’ll blow your mind. You’ll laugh a lot. And if you don’t, I’ll find where you live.

Alice Fraser Shows

16-26 Feb - Adelaide Fringe
1-12 Mar - Adelaide Fringe
30 Mar-23 Apr - Melbourne International Comedy Festival
4-7 May - Sydney Comedy Festival


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