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Alex Williamson Alex Williamson
With over sixty million views of his YouTube channel and one million Facebook likes, Alex Williamson is an online sensation.

Known to his YouTube fans as Shooter Williamson, the South Australian comic is bringing his latest show, 'That Guy From The Internet', to stages across Australia.

What made you decide to try stand-up initially?
Watching other comedians when I was about 15 made me want to try it. Other than that I don't know what made me insane enough to try it; it's a hectic gig for a teenager.

Worst moment on stage you have endured?
Worst moment is forgetting what I was talking about on stage and talking to myself for five minutes. Usually a good cover-up is talking about my dick for a bit, but even that did not save me.

What can fans expect from 'That Guy From The Internet'?
You can see who I really am as a person. Wow that was deep. You're just gonna hear some messed up shit. That's better.

You've been described as 'the future of comedy'; is that a lot of pressure?
Yeah, well I was also touted to be the next opening bowler in the Willunga C Grade country cricket comp, so I'm used to having weight on my shoulders.

Who has had the most influence on your comedy?
I'd say Larry David. The bloke can make a mess of any social situation. I can tell he fantasises about it all day in his real life too, which inspires me to try and be equally mental.

You used to interview celebrities in LA; who did you get the worst reaction from?
I'd occasionally get a touch nervous and talk too quickly for any American to understand what I was saying. In fact Jen Aniston told me before an interview my “English is really good, keep working on it”. I guess she figured my regional, South Australian accent was from somewhere in the Middle East. I just went with it.

Reverse that last question; favourite celebrity moment you've had?
Meeting Harrison Ford. I just asked him why he never tried hugging aliens in his movies, he just gave me daggers. I could tell he wanted to come to my house to smoke a canny though.

How've things changed for you after the success of your viral videos?
People recognise me on the street now, which is cool (except obviously when I'm picking up cigarette butts).

C'mon Alex; 500,000 followers on YouTube... how do you keep your ego in check?
I have plenty of mates around me to tell me that I'm just a useless fucker doing nothing essentially. Gotta love Aussies, they keep you grounded.

Where did your username Shooter Williamson originate from?
Apparently when I played football as a young lad I'd pull out the guns whenever I (rarely) kicked a goal (not real guns, I'd mime them awkwardly with my hand). I hate that story. Let's just say it's from a weird sex story.

Your work combines edgy topics and crass humour; has there been any times where offended viewers have overreacted – during or post show?
Hmmmm. Sometimes you might say something that some people gasp at, but I love that reaction. It'd be great to kill someone in the audience from an offence-related heart attack. Just hear something they don't like and drop dead. I think that'd be the ultimate for any comic.

You co-starred in Australian film 'Me & My Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse'; are there plans to keep acting?
Yeah for sure. Instagram and YouTube are a good training ground. Maybe I'll get picked up as a mature-age rookie somewhere along the way.

What's in the future after this run of shows?
I wanna get into music and be the next Taylor Swift, only hotter.

Six weeks out from Christmas... are you on top of your presents list?
Everyone's getting hugs this year, and the family all know it's because I lost everything on the spring racing carnival. I assume they all think that's an awesome effort.

Alex Williamson Tour Dates

Fri 27 Nov - The Tivoli (Brisbane)
Sat 5 Dec - Darwin Entertainment Centre (Darwin)
25-28 Feb - Adelaide Fringe Festival (Adelaide)
Thu 12 May - Enmore Theatre (Sydney)

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