A Very Kransky Christmas: The Kransky Sisters To Bewitch Yet Again

  • Written by  Joseph John
  • Friday, 24 November 2017 17:27
Published in Comedy News  
The Kransky Sisters go on the road for their Christmas tour. The Kransky Sisters go on the road for their Christmas tour.

The Kransky Sisters are a three-of-a-kind oddball musical comedy trio that continually sell out their shows in Australia and internationally.

For a magical and festive season the trio bring 'A Very Kransky Christmas' to delight people from “ages 6 to 106”.

The comedy group have a host of awards to their name, including The Age Critics’ Award, a Greenroom Award, a Sydney Theatre Award an even the international Edinburgh Festival’s Herald Angel Award For Excellence. There is something about The Kransky Sisters that just makes them stand above all of the competition of Australia’s musical comedy acts.

A large fanbase has grown for them since their beginnings in 2000, strengthened by their tours and regular appearances on Australian shows such as 'Spicks & Specks', 'The Sideshow', 'In Siberia Tonight' and even internationally on BBC’s 'Comedy Shuffle'.

'A Very Kransky Christmas' was first performed in Brisbane 2015, but the sisters have since toured the country with it, sold it out and are once again bringing it back. The night features the spellbinding dry humour of the sisters through their stories and unique music. The show will feature crowd favourites, Christmas numbers and their own hilarious versions of songs by artists such as Enya and Daft Punk – in addition to their personalised versions of 'Silent Night' and 'The Twelve Days Of Christmas'.

Kransky Sisters with car

Annie Lee, Christine Johnston and Carolyn Johns play Mourne, Eve and Dawn Kransky, a set of bizarre yet enchanting characters that even have their own biography. Hailing from the rural Queensland town of Esk, the Kransky Sisters have a hilariously told, complicated family history. Mourne and Eve’s father was a travelling salesman for the Asbestos Cookware Company, however their mother left him for his brother, who then fathered two stepsisters: Arva and Dawn. They drive a 1958 Morris Major to their concerts and learn their songs from the wireless.

To create their music, The Kransky Sisters use a number of different instruments. From the standard stuff like a kitchen pot, toilet brush, sifter, cheese grater and biscuit tin rice shaker all the way to the quirkier stuff such as a keyboard, tuba, guitar, tambourine and musical saw. Their alluring off-beat musical sound has led to the release of multiple albums and inclusion in their shows with titles such as 'A Concert… Yes' and the declaratory 'We Don’t Have Husbands'.

Catch their widely praised 'A Very Kransky Christmas' and spice up your chokos this festive season.

“We have normally spent our Christmas's with just the three of us, so we are very excited to now be bringing our Yuletide rituals, songs and stories to the big community beyond Esk. May all us odd socks come together in the great washing machine of life. It's going to be a fun party.”

Click here to view the full list of tour dates for 'A Very Kransky Christmas'.


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