5 Ways To Know You're A Dirt Bike Rider With Epic Darren

Epic Darren Epic Darren

Epic Darren takes the mickey out of anything motorsport.

Professional athletes and weekend warriors are all in the firing line in “Australia’s Funniest Show on Two Wheels”.

Here, Epic Darren himself lists five ways to tell that you're a dirt bike rider.


You can’t count past ten. Or maybe nine if you are missing a finger.


You always refer to your girlfriend as “a tidy unit”.

Epic Darren Date Night


You’re a straight man, but your riding clothes have more colours than Mardi Gras.


You get your kids hooked on motorbikes, so they will never have enough money to afford drugs.


...Two stroke or Four?

'Epic Darren Motorcycle Comedian' Dates

Until 11 March – Wayville Pavilion at the Adelaide Showground (Adelaide Fringe)
9-26 August – Darwin Festival
15 September – Beenleigh Show
TBA – Sydney Fringe Festival
TBA – Brisbane


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