5 Tattoos That Taste Like Regret With Cam Knight

Cam Knight is returning to comedy-festival season in 2017 with his new show, 'All Time’.

2016 was a bittersweet year for the Sydney-based comedian So many idols were lost, we witnessed Trump become president of the United States, Brexit transpired and Cam turned 40.

Ahead of his live dates, Cam lists 5 tattoos that taste like regret.

1. The Southern Cross tattoo

This Aussie badge has ruined star gazing for me. Nowadays, whenever I look up into the sky at night and see the Southern Cross in all its glory I think the universe is a bogan.

2. The name of your partner

For obvious reasons. Cover ups are costly, so if you split with 'Geoff' you'll always be limited to having to find another Geoff to replace him.

3. The birth date of your kids

C'mon man. How forgetful are you? Just chuck the dates in a calendar reminder and put the money into an account for your kids instead.

4. Chinese or Japanese symbols

If you aren't Chinese or Japanese, you might not really get what you paid for. What you thought said 'serenity' on your lower back could say 'beware all who enter'.

5. My one and only tattoo

I had a plan to get a tattoo with something from every country I visited. Kinda like a patchwork arm of memories. I got the Scottish crest for the Clan of Cameron on my arm... I'm not Scottish.

It looks great and I liked it right up until I found out that Cameron translated from Gaelic to English doesn't mean anything tough or cool like 'Mighty Dragon Slayer', it just means 'crooked, bent or broken nose'. That's my one and only tattoo: 'Bent Nose'. Tastes like regret.

Cam Knight Tour Dates

7-12 Mar - Brisbane Comedy Festival
16-18 Mar - Sydney Comedy Store (MC)
24 Mar - Arts Centre Gold Coast
30-31 Mar-1-24 Apr - Melbourne International Comedy Festival
5-6, 12-13 May - Sydney Comedy Festival
17-21 May - Sydney Comedy Festival


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