5 Superheroes With Anthony Laffan

Anthony Laffan Anthony Laffan

International, award-winning hypnotist, Anthony Laffan is launching the wildest hypnotism show on the planet at the 2017 Brisbane Comedy Festival, 'Stripnosis'.

In what has been described as: 'The most hilarious journey into the mind that you will ever take!', this new production takes comedy hypnotism to the naughtiest corners of your mind, all live on stage. Think '50 Shades Of Hypnotism'.

The stars of each show are the brave volunteers, who are guided through the hypnotic trance by Gold Coast-born Anthony Laffan. “Everybody has that naughty side inside of them, and everybody loves a night of non-stop laughter,” Anthony says.

“'Stripnosis' brings that side out in ways that you never thought imaginable. There is no other comedy show where you have the choice of sitting in the audience and watching the mayhem, or being on stage and being the star yourself,” Anthony says.

Ahead of the run of shows in Brisbane, Anthony shares his Top 5 Superheroes.

1. Batman

The most intriguing and complex character in fiction. He is my favourite because we all have a dark side, his cod piece is bigger than Robin's, my best work is at night too and... 'chicks dig the car'.

2. Superman

He has real X-ray vision, whereas I can create the suggestion in people's minds they can see through clothes.

3. Wolverine

The power in those claws when he is pissed off would be handy at times. And I have a man crush on Hugh Jackman.

4. Thor

There is nothing like being immortal and giving a good pounding with a huge hammer.

5. Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds is hilarious as the superhero who doesn't give a sh#t. He is an unlikely, anonymous hero breaking all the rules, stereotypes and perceptions. He is outrageous with no filter to what he says or does. My kind-a-guy. It's like a parallel universe when it comes to 'Deadpool' and 'Stripnosis'. Except nobody dies in 'Stripnosis'!

'Stripnosis' runs at Brisbane Powerhouse 22-26 March.


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