5 Perks Of Being Asexual With Nic Spunde

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Sex is a basic human need right?


Nic Spunde is ace. Asexual. Nic isn't into booties or bits. So how do they make sense of it, in a world charged with sexual freedom, expression and desire?

'Asexual Healing' plans to explore this, in a hilarious show playing as part of Adelaide Fringe 2017.

Here, Nic lists five perks of being asexual.

Bed freedom

My bed is my personal domain. I sprawl over it like a queen. I have a mound of pillows that are all mine and a fluffy doona I never need to contest. It’s 2am and I’m watching Netflix in bed because I can. It’s glorious.

Asexual Healing 2

Time to do stuff

People spend a lot of time on their love lives. I have that time free. I can put it towards important projects like writing my Regency romance novel about minotaurs or working on my series of fine 'Pokemon' portraiture (#pokeportraits on Instagram). Would someone who does relationships have time for these things?

Life is less complicated

Awkward Tinder dates. Unrequited love. Horror breakups. Seeing Facebook posts about how happy in love your ex is now they’ve moved on. All things that I don’t have to worry about. I feel for y’all, I really do, but I’m oh-so-glad I’m not caught up in all that noise.

Asexual Healing 3

No sexual frustration

Apparently this is a thing? In all my years of not having sex I’ve never felt it but seeing friends crawl up the walls when they haven’t had sex for a while, I get the feeling I’ve dodged some kind of bullet

Better friendships

Since coming out as ace, not only has my social circle grown but the quality of all my friendships has gotten stronger. Maybe it’s because we have deeper conversations (removing sex as a viable topic will do that), maybe it’s because I have more time and emotional energy to invest in more people, but also I think it is what happens when, regardless of your identity, you are true to yourself.

'Asexual Healing' plays at Henrietta's from 28 February-4 March.

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