5 Embarrassing Moments With Ilai Swindells

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Ilai Swindells Ilai Swindells
With a recent appearance in the AACTA Award-winning ABC miniseries 'The Code', Ilai Swindells is an emerging Australian actor and comedian.

Ilai currently stars in Comedy Channel's 2016 Logie-nominated 'Open Slather', a sketch show similar to '90s comedy staples 'Fast Forward' and 'Full Frontal'.


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Ilai, who made his television debut in the Fox8 drama 'SLiDE' alongside Brenton Thwaites, is currently writing an autobiographical series based in Brisbane about his personal dealings with leukaemia.

Ilai decided he'd share some rather embarrassing stories from his past with scenestr... enjoy the D&M subject matter.

The time I did a No. 2 on Australia’s highest mountain

It was Grade 7 camp. We were halfway down the mountain and I had eaten everyone’s dried apricot snacks given to us by the teachers, which had tremendous effects on my bowels. No toilet on Mt. Kosciuszko, so had to go behind a big rock while all my classmates waited in the snow.

A bottle of rum exploded in my pants

I was on my way to Big Day Out in Melbourne from Flinders Station, carrying a glass bottle of rum, which spontaneously exploded while in my pants and surrounded by a packed train full of people who laughed and pitied me.

I danced with Santigold onstage

First music festival: Sunset Sounds Brisbane and I’m front of the mosh for Santigold when she decides to bring some people onstage for ‘Creator’, me being one. Amazing! In my inebriated state I decide it would be a good idea to hug her mid song, security didn’t like that and dragged me off stage.

Missed my flight for first day of Open Slather

When I got the job for 'Open Slather', the producers flew the cast to Melbourne for a two-day writing workshop/ meet and greet and I slept through all my alarms and missed the flight for technically my first day of work. I ended up being five hours late.

Peed my pants in Grade 1

Another bodily fluid accident sorry! In Grade 1 I peed myself for reasons unknown. Worst part was the teacher made me wait in the corner in front of my peers with my wet clothes on until my Mother brought my dry uniform to school!


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