Wheel Of Fortune: A Revolving Door Of Sexual Encounters In Brisbane

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'Wheel Of Fortune' 'Wheel Of Fortune'

The Co-Producer of 'Sex With Strangers' and 'True West' brings 'Wheel Of Fortune' to Metro Arts... A real and scandalous documentation of the adventures of Brisbane residents.

Veronica Neave and nine fine Queensland actors collaborate with Optic Archive to present the weirdly erotic, ugly, obscene, beautiful, strange and disturbing in the form of theatre and film.

Director Tim Hill answers some questions about 'Wheel Of Fortune'.

TimHill WheelOfFortune
Tim Hill

First of all, give us a little bit of a rundown of what the show is all about.
The show is a peek behind the closed doors of Brisbane. The politics of who is sleeping with who and how are we all connected. It feels like a big game of six degrees of Brisbane.

It's part play and part film. Why is this?
I have seen this project in both a film and theatrical setting and when we decided we were going to take on 'Wheel Of Fortune', we were faced with a difficult decision of which direction to go. So, we decided to mix the two. As a director, I’m intrigued by different ways to tell stories and combining these two mediums seemed like an exciting exploration.

How has it been to collaborate with Optic Archive on this?
I have loved the collaboration with OA. They have such an incredible eye for visuals on screen and I feel we have all learnt so much from each other collaborating on this project.

As the Director, what have your goals been with 'Wheel Of Fortune'?
My goal for 'Wheel Of Fortune' was to create something new and interesting and tell stories in new ways. More than anything it was to create a work about Brisbane by the artists of Brisbane.

And what have been some of the biggest challenges and rewards?
The structure of the play has been challenging, it’s episodic nature has made seeing the big picture hard at times but seeing the overall vision with stage and film elements coming together is the biggest reward.

It's actually quite a real documentation of Brisbane residents and their... Adventures. Is this a show that could be adapted depending on its location or does it work best here?
I think the stories it tells are universal so it could be performed anywhere. However, as it has been written, directed, created and performed by locals it has a definite Brisbane flavour that is hard to miss.

What are you hoping audiences take away from this performance?
I hope they enjoy the experience of seeing Brisbane characters on stage and see themselves or their friends or their family or their neighbours in these characters.

What have you taken away from the experience of directing it?
Creating new work is the most challenging and rewarding experience a director can have.

Sell the show in three words.
Local, Naughty & Fun.

'Wheel Of Fortune' plays Metro Arts from 31 May-9 June.


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