Threshold: Corruption, Power And Control At Perth's Blue Room Theatre

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'Threshold' 'Threshold'

'Threshold' (presented by The Boston Curse and The Blue Room Theatre) is a politically charged one-act four-hander charting the downfall of a newspaper journalist.

'Threshold' cuts to the bone in a biting and hilarious critique of the slipping standards of journalism and corruption in the political class. This sharp political comedy takes an unwavering journey into the lives of four divisive and influential figures. 

The play is an all too accurate exploration of Australia’s government and media, set in Sydney, 2016. 

Journalists have been banned from Nauru detention centres for three years. Public trust in politicians is at an all time low. The mainstream media has lost its prestige. The facts are distorted. The voting public are kept on the threshold of truth. 

Written by James Palm ('Pay Attention', 'Boy Story') and directed by Bridget Le May ('Alone Outside', 'EDGE', 'Sudden Skies'), this fast-paced drama explores the dark side of politics, journalism and power.

Benj D’Addario ('These Final Hours', 'An Idiot Amongst Us', 'Lighthouse Girl'), Esther Longhurst ('The Big Hoo Haa', 'Sense And Spontaneity', 'Multiverse Theory In D'), Kylie Bywaters ('Hiro', 'Sparrow') and Jeffrey Watkins ('Macbeth'), play four ambitious leaders navigating the chessboard of sentiment, power and influence. 

Filled with humour and often ugly truths 'Threshold' throws open the curtains on corruption, cover ups and the harsh game of politics. Who pulls the strings, what truths are being hidden from the public, and who will be left behind?

The show's writer James Palm says, “'Threshold' asks a lot of uncomfortable questions; not just of the political system but also its audience. How accountable are we for the state of our discourse? The immigration debate is a microcosm of the division within Australia, and ahead of a looming federal election, I think audiences are ready to have the discussion.”

'Threshold' plays The Blue Room Theatre from 7-25 August.


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