This Could Be You! Review @ Queensland Cabaret Festival 2018

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'This Could Be You!' 'This Could Be You!' Image © Jade Ellis

Whoever said duets can’t be performed solo, has obviously never witnessed one of Sophie Banister’s performances!

Quirky, kooky and completely solo, Sophie Banister is the self-proclaimed duet enthusiast, and award-winning cabaret artist, gracing the stage of the The Old Museum for Brisbane’s 18th Annual Cabaret Festival.

Part cabaret, part job advertisement gone wrong, Sophie presents her audience with a medley of duets like you’ve never heard them before. Taking classics and putting a solo Sophie Banister twist on them, the audience is forcibly impressed with her enthusiasm, creativity and hilariously huge self-confidence. Complete with props, audience back-up dancers and a reluctant support pianist, her show is unmissable.

Just when you thought you knew your Christmas carols to a tee, and you could perform the choreography to your favourite musical numbers perfectly, Sophie turns them on their head and shows just how wrong we’ve been all these years. Of course, among all of these classics, she is sure to address the pressing issues of society; the arts in today’s political climate, the importance of transferable skills, consent during the holiday season and pain of dating.

Sophie Banister’s solo performance of classic and original duets bears an ulterior motive as she invites anyone to consider the opportunity of their lifetime. Could you be the Elton to her Kiki? The Sonny to her Cher? The Hilary Duff to her Hilary Duff? The only way to find out is to see her yourself.


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