The Worst Little Warehouse In London Review @ Adelaide Fringe 2019

  • Written by  Jade Manson
  • Monday, 04 March 2019 20:07
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'The Worst Little Warehouse In London' 'The Worst Little Warehouse In London'

'The Worst Little Warehouse in London' is a bright, bubbly, and satirical act about a couple living in a dysfunctional warehouse sharehouse, which is (almost) straight out of the real lives of creators Lala Barlow and Robbie Smith.

The two performers execute an impressively synchronised, well-choreographed, singing, dancing and piano-playing act. Their voices are energetic and vivacious, their piano playing upbeat, and their musical and comic timing unbroken. The songs are packed with jokes and innuendo, and the situations described are often unfortunately relatable.

The acting in the show was something to behold, with each performer snappily transitioning between the 12 different characters in the warehouse. The housemates were all well-formed, amusing and identifiable by just their mannerisms and a few strategic costume and prop changes. One can only hope that the characters are invented or caricatures, because they are portrayed in an very unflattering light.

They are all absurd and chaffing in various ways, painting a wacky nightmare of a living situation.

The show is swiftly paced, with character changes and laughs running at a mile a minute. In what seemed like no time at all the show was over – any longer and the actors would most likely have collapsed in a heap. A 40 degree tent is pretty different to a warehouse in London with faulty heating, where you would probably need to move around a lot so you wouldn’t freeze. The rapid pace of the show adds to the comedic and chaotic impression of the house.

The act is so energetic and fleeting, that you will leave wondering what exactly just happened, which is probably how you would feel after a year living in the warehouse.

The two protagonists have a comedic take on the events of their living situation, that seem to be the kind that are terrible at the time, but eventually make good stories – or as it happens good musical song and dance routines.


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