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'The Rocky Horror Show' at QPAC. 'The Rocky Horror Show' at QPAC.

The classic 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' was brought to life in a theatre setting (so, minus the 'Picture') at Queensland Performing Arts Centre, featuring just about as much campy, quirky goodness as you'd expect.

The show starred the likes of Adam Rennie as Frank-N-Furter, Amanda Harrison as Magenta, Michelle Smitheram as Janet, Rob Mallett as Brad, Kristian Lavercombe as Riff Raff and Cameron Daddo as the narrator.

Richard O'Brien's 'The Rocky Horror Show' was quite a brief affair in comparison to some other shows I've seen, with the first half going for 45 minutes. This wasn't a bad thing, however. The first half flowed well and featured all the great moments from the original film (including the infectious 'Time Warp', 'Dammit Janet' and 'Sweet Transvestite'), but the second seemed a little jolty and not as easy to take in.

The set wasn't complex or extraordinary, but surrounded by the rest of the show and all its quirks, it didn't necessarily need to be nor was anything taken away from it with that in mind. The story is so iconic and well-loved that no interpretation by any theatre company could completely ruin it, anyway.

What really made this performance shine was its cast. Michelle Smitheram and Rob Mallett as Janet and Brad respectively were loveable idiots from scene one as they drove down the road in their charming two-dimensional car and ran into trouble at Frank-N-Furter's castle.

Frank-N-Furter himself (Adam Rennie) was a little visually removed from Tim Curry's iconic portrayal (is it too picky of me to say he looked a little too feminine?) but in terms of using the character as a vehicle he sped through the show at full force with a hilarious yet sensual wit about him that only Frank-N-Furter can get away with.

Kristian Lavercombe stood out as the creepy Riff Raff, with make-up and costuming so great that he was completely removed from his normal, off-stage self, which is of course the goal especially with a character like him.

Throw a bunch of performers in with a soundtrack of classic sing-a-long hits and not too much can go terribly awry, especially when the cast are brilliant enough that they can keep it on its feet.

★★★☆☆ 1/2.

'The Rocky Horror Show' Tour Dates

Until 11 February – Queensland Performing Arts Centre
From 17 February – Crown Theatre (Perth)
From 13 July – Her Majesty's Theatre (Melbourne)


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