The Phantom Of The Opera Is In Adelaide!

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'The Phantom Of The Opera' 'The Phantom Of The Opera' Image © Hayley McLauchlan

Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s 'The Phantom Of The Opera' returns to Adelaide in an exciting production for G&S Society.

'The Phantom Of The Opera' is the longest running Broadway musical ever and has won 70 major theatre awards. Its story and score tell the tale of an undying, undeniable obsession.

Based on the 1910 horror novel by Gaston Leroux, 'The Phantom Of The Opera' is a thrilling and romantic account of the legendary Phantom (Adam Goodburn), a musical genius living below an opera house in Paris. Shunned for his face deformity, he meets and takes young soprano Christine (Serena Martino-Williams) under his wing, with the intention of making her famous. In the process, he falls deeply in love with her.

The Phantom becomes jealous when Christine begins her ascent to success and is approached by a handsome man from her past (Jared Frost). He terrorises the opera community with increasingly dangerous threats.

The show features a talented cast including Kaylene Graham (Madame Giry), Monique Hapgood (Carlotta), Rod Schultz (Monsieur Firmin), David Visentin (Monsieur André), James Nicholson (Piangi), Jessica Muenchow (Meg Giry), Nicholas Munday (Monsieur Reyer), Lance Jones (Buquet), Brad Martin (Monsiur LeFevre) and a talented ensemble of performers. Assistant Director Brock Roberts and Choreographer Jamie Jewell also feature in cameos as Passarino and Don Attilio respectively.

Musical Director Jillian Gulliver says 'Phantom' is one of her 'bucket list' shows.

It's sure to be a visual spectacle featuring songs such as 'Think Of Me', 'All I Ask Of You', 'The Music Of The Night' and of course the title track 'The Phantom Of The Opera'.

'The Phantom Of The Opera' plays Arts Theatre from 27 September-6 October.


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