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'The Dinner Party' cast 'The Dinner Party' cast Image © David Kelly

You’ve never been to a dinner party like this before!

'The Dinner Party' is the reincarnation of the classic show that has graced the stages of Queensland Performing Arts Centre since 2015, presented by Queensland’s award-winning Expressions Dance Company.

Formerly known as 'The Host' (and in my opinion, should have remained under that name), 'The Dinner Party' is a dramatic evening of love, lust, manipulation, anger, and desire, in a whimsical hour-long performance that will have you swept up in the raw emotion, talent, and story of the six (formally seven) attendees of the dinner party. Accompanied by music recordings from Queensland's highly acclaimed Southern Cross Soloists, the show is an inspiring movement by internationally renowned choreographer, Natalie Weir.

An exploration of “manipulation and desire for status and wealth”, 'The Dinner Party' seats its characters at the table, a large black octagonal piece that mostly sits centre stage. With its six chairs, the table is used as a literal platform for the work, with the dancers performing on, around and under it. Where creativity meets practicality, the table and chairs are the only props (aside from the stunning costumes created by celebrated Australian fashion designer Gail Sorronda), and are used to their absolute maximum potential throughout the evening.

Following the expressive and engaging ‘Food Fight’ trailer, it would be fair to assume there will be a similar act in 'The Dinner Party', however much to my disappointment, there isn’t. No food is thrown, and no violent pies-in-faces at all, however, there are intimate solos, passionate duos, comedic acts, and exquisite group pieces that will leave you in absolute awe of the talent and abilities of the Expressions Dance Company dancers. Although difficult to follow for the first few songs, you quickly catch on to the ‘manipulation and desire’ that the show is known for. With puppeteer-like movements, ‘secret’ affairs, and jealousy and lust in their most raw and dramatic forms, the show encapsulates the idea that actions do speak louder than words.

An exquisite debut for choreographer, Natalie Weir, 'The Dinner Party' is a must-see for art-lovers and culture-seekers alike.

'The Dinner Party' is on tour around QLD, NSW and the NT.


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