Sit Back And Relax, It's Time For A Botox Party!

  • Written by  Ellen Cook
  • Tuesday, 21 February 2017 15:39
Published in Arts  
Cabaret group #FirstWorldWhiteGirls are giving you an opportunity to laugh and squirm along with hilariously outrageous, self-centred 21st century princesses coupled with clever and extremely entertaining songs.

Judy Hainsworth, who wrote the show and plays Tiffany, explains where the fantastic idea for the show 'Botox Party!' came from. “The idea came naturally from the characters. Touring the different [#FirstWorldWhiteGirls] shows and playing these outrageous, spoiled characters just lent itself to having a botox party. It really is a great premise for the show as guests get to suffer and laugh at the character’s antics while being a part of the show.”

The songs in the cabaret all revolve around contemporary social issues and act as a social commentary. Judy explains how she keeps her perspective fresh: “I try my best to stay on top of the hot topics and what’s trending at the moment. I choose the ones that have a lot of scope. The material can be limited, lots of people make jokes about Donald Trump, how could you not! Less have made jokes about global warming and Tinder dates. I just try to have my own stance on the topics. My perspective and point of view as a 34-year-old white woman from Brisbane will of course be different from a 54-year-old American man.”

This time around Judy is joined by Meg Hickey who plays Tiffany’s younger cousin, Madison. Judy has nothing but high praise for the fresh addition.

“It was a delight to work with Meg. She has just graduated and has a great energy. Her character really adds to the show and helps to display all of Tiffany’s insecurities. It’s great to have that young fresh energy.”

Being a writer and a performer comes with its challenges; Judy discusses the task of being both. “There are pros and cons. The advantage is that I can write in my own voice, I can write the jokes that will sound natural and funny because the character talks in my voice. That’s also the biggest challenge. Writing jokes for others is challenging, you have to really know their rhythm and style. If I write a really wordy joke and they are more of a physical comedian, it just won’t work.”

Judy has crafted a show so perfectly that people can laugh along while understanding the serious social issues. She passionately explains why she has had such success with delivering a side-splitting show with serious undertones: “I definitely think laughter helps people to take on the issues. When people laugh with you they are on your side, you have already won them over so it’s a good way to sugar coat these hard issues. People can understand the difference between how aging for women is like a disaster compared to men, who can age and still be considered handsome. The gap between the rich and the underprivileged is also highlighted with these characters. Through making the jokes, people get to think that’s bullshit, that’s unfair. Laughter is a great way to get people to think about this stuff.”

The cabaret is truly a party that celebrates egos, self-privilege and clever songs. Judy joyously reflects on times where she has pulled up audience members.

“Usually it goes well. Last year I pulled up a gentleman and was singing a song that really just insulted his looks. It went really well but it’s always a bit risky, you never know for sure how people will react. I have had a few great experiences where the audiences have pleasantly surprised me and really added to the show.”

'Botox Party!' plays The Parlour at Royal Croquet Club, 16 February-5 March and Brisbane Comedy Festival at Brisbane Powerhouse from 7-12 March.

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