s.il.hou.ette: An Exhibition In Paper (And More At Nexus Arts!)

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Ellen Schlobohm (above) and Janaki Lele present their 's.il.hou.ette' exhibition at Nexus Arts for Adelaide Fringe. Ellen Schlobohm (above) and Janaki Lele present their 's.il.hou.ette' exhibition at Nexus Arts for Adelaide Fringe.

Emerging artists Janaki Lele and Ellen Schlobohm present s.il.hou.ette at Nexus Arts, an exhibition through which they explore their respective cultural and personal connections to paper art and papercutting.

This is something that has been practised throughout the centuries by many cultures across the globe, evolving to fulfil different cultural, spiritual and artistic purposes.

The artists reflect on two such traditions through their respective heritages, cultural identities and experiences, creating intricate and beautiful contemporary works that re-imagine the papercutting traditions of Sanjhi (India, 16th Century), a spiritual and devotional stencilling technique used to create ceremonial floor decorations with pigments (Rangolis); and Scherenschnitte (Germany, 16th Century).  

Nexus Arts will also present a huge programme of burlesque, kids, cabaret, dance, art, theatre and music throughout Adelaide Fringe.

s.il.hou.ette.2 02 19'Defiance' by Janaki Lele

Expect to see shows like 'A Burlesque Review', where Deco Dolls will take audiences to a world of sophistication, glitz and glamour. 'A Night In Paris', where Adelaide chanteuse Louise Blackwell and The French Set return to perform new songs, accompanied by a six-piece band.

There's 'Doubt: A Parable', about a nun who believes there is a secret within her parish. Or, 'Welcome To The Mystic Hole'... where you can join sex worker Queenie Bon-Bon on a tour of her magical and messy universe.

It's an amalgamation of all facets of what makes a Fringe Festival great, so make sure a trip to Nexus Arts is on your list of things to do during Adelaide Fringe.

s.il.hou.ette runs at Nexus Arts from 14 February (Opening Night)-22 March. The Nexus Arts Fringe programme goes from 15 February-17 March.


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