Quality Novelty Review @ Adelaide Fringe 2019

  • Written by  Jade Manson
  • Tuesday, 19 February 2019 15:15
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'Quality Novelty' 'Quality Novelty'

'Quality Novelty' is a fitting name for the circus produced by the award-winning Briefs Factory, performed by eight different artists from around the world.

It is a colourful show, with tonnes of personality and physical and creative talent.

The performance will continue to surprise and delight you with each act giving life to a different character; from 1920s ingenues, to a cat-bat woman, beauty-queens, aliens and various other ‘creatures’. It utilises long hair, high heels and hectic 'hoopage' to pull off a truly unique show, that celebrates femininity. If you want to see a group of inspirational and unruly performers do their thing then this act is for you.

There are high-heeled roller-skating acrobatics, an energetic, electric tap dancing feline (because who doesn’t want to be a cat?), a pregnant lady, a watermelon sacrifice and more.

It entrances the audience with a soliloquy of slumber and an intensely physical aerial rope show with a laid-back jazz backing. There are coloured bodysuits and hip hop, a few accidental-on purpose farts, a visit from a lost pop superstar, and an act that resembles a flying crane twirling through the air.

Some of the acts are highly symbolic, hinting at the dark side of performance art and how the need to ‘always smile’ covers up the reality. One performer is a master of otherworldly movements, and manages to conjure impressions of a ghoul wearing a swimsuit.

It makes the most of the space, utilises light well and engages the audience. It is upbeat, intelligent, flamboyant, containing every colour of the rainbow, and yet still feels real and down-to-earth. Quality novelty mixes humour with dazzling performances, breathtaking acrobatics feats, thrilling roller-skate moves, and dancing that will amaze and entertain.

It is at times ridiculously silly and at other times, darkly symbolic, all the while feeling like a celebration of cultures and feminine strength. One thing is for sure, this circus is out there.

'Quality Novelty' is on at Bonython Hall at RCC Fringe until 3 March.


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