Pour The Scotch & Soda, Woodford!

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Scotch and Soda at Woodford Folk Festival Scotch and Soda at Woodford Folk Festival

Scotch & Soda is a combination of circus and jazz, served straight up.

They present an actual cocktail of exciting artistic personalities mixed with world class circus.

It's set to live, heart-pounding bar-room, junkyard jazz tunes. Ten outstandingly talented artists will blend art, fun and friendship, but this cocktail has one final ingredient: the audience.

Get ready to get spectacularly messy with Scotch & Soda.

Here, they list two separate top five lists.

5 Circus Stunts In The Show


Watch Alice Muntz hang from the trapeze by nothing but the skin on the back of her neck.


Kate Muntz will challenge her sister’s skills with a fast pace rope spin without using her hands.

Musical instruments

Watch five acrobats negotiate five musicians and their (very expensive) instruments with high flying skills and great dexterity. This is no easy feat!

Shoulder pole

David Carberry balances a five metre pole on his shoulder for fellow performer Skip Walker Milne to climb, handstand, and finish with the head first slide!

Splits jump

Ever tried jumping a person riding a bike with a straddle split jump? David Carberry does in Scotch & Soda.


5 Reasons To See Scotch & Soda


It is a raucous good time perfect for a festival vibe.


High skilled international act and your only chance to catch it in Australia before it heads to Germany for 2017.


Music which takes over the stage and will have you joining the circus too.


It's a circus and music collaboration like you have never seen before.


You will be sad if you miss it!

Scotch & Soda plays at Woodford Folk Festival 27 December-1 January.

2018 AIR Awards Nominees Playlist


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