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'Potted Potter' 'Potted Potter'

For casual and die-hard 'Harry Potter' fans alike, 'Potted Potter' blurred the lines between scripted and improvised comedy making for an authentic, interesting and best of all hilarious 70 minutes.

Daniel Clarkson and Scott Hoatson carried this performance high above their shoulders from beginning to end, with endless gags and hysterical props (for example a colourful building block version of the Hogwarts Express and two round lifebuoys for Quidditch goals).

Their ability to present such a brilliantly scripted piece of theatre with such poise and professionalism in the face of a rowdy and excited crowd was admirable; it was genuinely hard to tell what was scripted and what was off the cuff which actually brought 'Potted Potter' to a new level of triumph.

The likeability – or dare I say it even lovability – of these two men on stage was yet another element to the evening that made it a breeze to watch. Their chemistry as cast mates was strong, their back-and-forth banter was impressive and their love for the show and its content shone through.

Audience participation in such a wild and fun show like this is a must. Without spoiling anything it was there and it was great fun. When a performance or an event is based around a topic such as 'Harry Potter' which has such a strong hold on so many millions of people, its audience is sure to be ready and willing to be involved and 'Potted Potter' was no exception.

I was interested to see how the pair of actors would manage to cram all the most important plot points of seven incredibly detailed books into 70 measly minutes, but they pulled it off with solid success.

For a great night out filled with stupidly funny gags and clever visual humour, 'Potted Potter' ticks all the boxes for fans of the huge franchise who want to see the story in a brand new light.



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