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Mish Grigor, 'The Talk' Mish Grigor, 'The Talk'

Located in the heart of Perth, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) is the city’s focal point to experience the best of Australian and international visual, performance and interdisciplinary art.

Each year as part of Fringe World, PICA presents a bespoke programme for 'the adventurous'. Celebrating the immersive, the sensory and the interactive, PICA curates an experience just for its audience, right now.

With a focus on premium quality and unique experiences not found elsewhere, PICA riffs on forms of the participatory across theatre, dance, music and installation. PICA is the home for unforgettable experimental art at Fringe World. Take the adventure.

This year, expect to see 'The Talk' and 'Polar Force'.

What happens when you start talking about sex with your family?

'The Talk' is a terribly undomesticated evening and hilarious live twist on the family dinner. You are invited to become the artist’s family and re-enact real conversations about the taboos of sex, sexuality and love. Participatory theatre at its most explicit, unapologetic and best. Bring your mum.

Polar Force
'Polar Force' - Image © Bryony Jackson

Then, on the other hand, is 'Polar Force'.

Imagine being on the Antarctic ice shelf, housed inside a temporary shelter on the coldest, windiest, and driest continent on earth. 'Polar Force' is a hyper-realistic sound adventure to the Antarctic hidden in an inflatable performance installation.

Encounter a multi-sensorial world through sound, wind and light, with pristine Antarctic field recordings and bespoke ice instruments, which melt and fracture to render the ice and ‘weather’ into audible phenomena.

Unsure whether you’re witnessing cutting edge scientific research, a dangerous polar expedition or unknown sinister activity, 'Polar Force' explores notions of human fragility and isolation to question our relationship to the natural world.

From sonic masterminds Speak Percussion, this must-see is the coolest art experience in Perth’s summer.

'The Talk' runs from 18-25 January and 'Polar Force' runs from 20-21 January as part of Fringe World.


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