Open Letter From La Boite Theatre Company's General Manager

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It was a jam-packed, successful 2016 for La Boite Theatre Company.

Katherine Hoepper, the General Manager of the company, pens an open letter about the year that was.

“La Boite and I have known each other a long time. In the '70s and early '80s, I was the wide-eyed daughter of a La Boite actor, entertaining myself in the Hale Street Green Room watching the actors preparing to go onstage above my head.

In the late '80s, I did work experience at the Company and even performed on the stage in a very earnest Year 12 devised work on feminism.

Mostly, and the boxes of programmes under my house will attest to this, I have loved watching the diverse programmes, new work and inspiring performers who have trod these boards. As we like to say, La Boite has always represented the adventurous and alternative, and over 91 years has had a strong focus on the development of new work and artists.

My first-hand experience of that as an audience member has spread from the ground-breaking Early Childhood Drama Project in the 1970s, through late night La Bamba cabarets in the 80s, a commitment to new Queensland writing in the 2000s and independent artists this decade.

So it’s been very special to find myself working at La Boite alongside Artistic Director Todd MacDonald, to bring his first season to life in 2016, and adventurous, alternative and diverse have been at the forefront.

We played with circus in the heart-stopping 'When One Door Closes', excavated Shakespeare and the hunchback king in 'The Tragedy of King Richard III', subverted the male patriarchy with 'Straight White Men', co-produced a brand new music theatre work 'Snow White' and brought the sadly still all-too-relevant 'A Streetcar Named Desire' to life in our in-the-round theatre.

For me one of the most exciting things we did in 2016 was launch La Boite HWY and invest in our Artists-in-Residence.

HWY was two weeks of non-stop excitement as over ten new works in development were shared, showcased and discussed.

This is the core of what we can do at La Boite, create pathways for artists.

I can’t wait for the first show of 2017, Michelle Law’s 'Single Asian Female' which she wrote as an Artist-in-Residence at La Boite and shared with other artists and audiences through HWY 2016. Hope to see you there.”

- Katherine Hoepper

La Boite's 2017 programme begins with 'Single Asian Female' on 11 February.

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