Open Letter From Duncan Crowley In Oedipus For King At Sydney Fringe

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The mythological king who killed his father, married his mother and blinded himself is back and ready to run for office.

Sounds fine, right?

Here, one of the two academics, Duncan Crowley (a fictional but in this case totally real person in 'Oedipus For King') pens an open letter about the show.

“It’s not everyday you climb into a dumpster and find the archaeological discovery of the century. 'OEDIPUS FOR KING! OEDIPUS FOR KING!' The recently unearthed sequel to the ancient play 'Oedipus The King'. You may not fathom that this is a big deal.

Can you picture the awe on my face and warm excitement pumping through my veins as I held this ancient manuscript and realised I could become famous?

'But,' I hear your scream at your computer screen, 'Who is Oedipus?' And to you, reader, I ask, why you haven’t tried Google? Duh. Fine! I’ll tell you. Oedipus was a mythological King of Thebes who was told a prophecy that he would kill his father and marry his mother, only to fulfil his destiny by running away. When he discovered what he had done, he blinded himself and faded into exile.

In this incredible sequel, Oedipus returns from exile and runs for public office. But can he put the past behind him? Will the voters of the new democracy let him put the past behind him?

I am joined by fellow academic and lecturer Lizbeth Wilson as we perform, discuss, debate, fight, beat and bludgeon each other in an open intellectual soiree about the art of 'Oedipus For King'. You can join us too, with the other amazing collated talents performing, producing and delivering their hearts and souls for this years Sydney Fringe Festival.”

– Duncan Crowley

'Oedipus For King' plays the Emerging Artist Sharehouse from 19-23 September.


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