Open Letter From Cut Mustard Theatre About '2100: A Space Novelty'

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Enter a brave new galaxy with '2100: A Space Novelty' at Adelaide Fringe. Enter a brave new galaxy with '2100: A Space Novelty' at Adelaide Fringe.

It's time to blast off, Adelaide.

 Actually, no. It's time to gather round in a theatre space and watch others blast off... in '2100: A Space Novelty'!

Cut Mustard Theatre pay homage to all epic space adventures in this low-fi extravaganza. Strap yourself in... There will be aliens and there might be lasers.


Here, Cut Mustard pen an open letter to Adelaide about the show.

“To the people of Adelaide. We come armed.

Armed with a retro Casio Keyboard and some pretty epic mime moves. Did you know all you really need to build a laser is a sound effect and some deft hand movements? Don’t believe us?

Picture this: One hundred years into the future. A great war has ravaged planet earth. We’ve all nuked each other. There’s no one left. No one. Not even the termites survived. Well, maybe the termites. Actually yeah, why not. The earth is crawling with termites. They’ve eaten everything. All that’s left of our beautiful planet is dust and some nasty crawly insects. Elton John is playing from somewhere.

Up in the international space station, the Last Human floats around forlornly, listening to old earth music 'Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids…' and bickering with his pessimistic AI companion. He sends out radio transmissions in the faint hope that somewhere out there, someone, anyone, might be listening. It’s not looking good.

Meanwhile, in another part of the galaxy…

Alien armies are gathering.
Alien superheroes wearing leotards are practicing kung fu.
Friendly robots are having confusing feelings.
'Rocket Man' by Elton John is have a mega revival.
Alien monsters are sharpening their claws.
And the most evil dark lord of them all is preparing to take over the universe!

Dum dum duuuuuuum!

Back in 2019, in a tiny little town known locally as Adelaide, something called a Fringe Festival is about to happen. Whispers say that it’s not just terrestrials that are going to be attending.

It’s a balmy night in January. Little Billy decides to go down to her local churchyard, because that’s what kids do in this town, right? She’s just chilling, listening to some cheesy old song about a guy in a rocket when she sees a light in the sky. The light flickers and grows. It is coming towards her.

Mesmerised, she reaches out her hand and…BAM! They’ve arrived! A troupe of aliens with a story to tell. They’ve heard of this thing you call Fringe and they want in. So Billy books them a venue. She puts them up in her garden shed. Prints some posters. Gives scenestr a call.

The aliens learn English. And Norwegian. And Korean. And French for good measure. Who knows what language these things called audiences will understand. And they learn to play the keyboard. They’ve been rehearsing their story in Billy’s shed, and even Billy’s got to admit they’re on to something. Actually she thinks you’ll like it. And we think you’ll like it. So maybe you ought to come along and see what all the fuss is about. Remember, we’ve got lasers, and we’re not afraid to use them.”

'2100: A Space Novelty' plays Mainstage at Bakehouse Theatre from 18 February-2 March.


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