Open Letter From A Curious Storyteller

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Playing at Adelaide Fringe is 'The Curiosity Experiment': a mind-bending event that is sure to appeal to those who aren't afraid of the dark.

Do objects retain memories of the past? Are you brave enough to peek beneath the blindfold?

'The Curiosity Experiment' is an intimate and interactive ghost story which involves sensory deprivation and imagination.

Here, Nathan Schulz (the creator of the event) pens an open letter from the point of view of the storyteller.

“All my life I have been afraid of the dark. I know that it is a childish fear, something I ought to have outgrown, but isn’t there a reason for our fears? I fear the dark because of a terrible experience I had as a child, one that left me terror struck, one that has stuck with me over the years. Nine out of ten intelligent people will refuse to believe that there is a grain of truth in what I am about to tell you.

The one that does may only have small faith in my words, but family myths and legends have long provided inspiration for ghost stories, and mine started with 'The Curiosity Experiment' and a theory that looked into the similarities in the sleeping patterns between humans and antiquities. Developing this into a stage show involved recreating my childhood experience. I remember donning the blindfold and seeing the candlelight filter through its folds. I felt its comforting warmth overpower the chilling darkness that the blindfold heightened; at least before the light inexplicably went out and darkness engulfed us.

Curiosity 3

What happened led to my incarceration, which you may lack perspective, and ultimately the creation of my family’s tragedy and urban legend. All that happened, happened on Christmas Eve, as ghost stories were family tradition. Incorporating this tradition and the power of storytelling, I recreate the experience, in hope of finding answers. And despite my fears I am still drawn to producing tales of spooks, hauntings, wraiths, spectres, stories of the strange and indescribable, clanking chains, ghostly sights, and gruesome sounds. I’ve found re-watching this experience in Brisbane and Melbourne both so breathtaking and horrifying that I have had to leave the room.

To my horror no one followed. At the end I heard the participants saying, as they exited, that the experience was 'spine-chilling' and 'creepy', and even overheard someone saying that it was '…a unique and immersive experience where it was up to our own imagination to decide how far a person goes into the darkest corners of their mind'.

My campaign to broaden closed minds has led me to Adelaide. I extend my invitation to residents to join 13 others in an experiment that will let your imaginations get the better of you. If you’re braver than me, I dare you not to peek.”

- M.E: Meredith Edward-Eaath, a.k.a. Binky.

'The Curiosity Experiment' takes place at Carclew House and Grounds from 1-7 March.

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