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Known for its world-renowned Acting course, you’d be forgiven for thinking NIDA is exclusively for artists looking for a way into the film, TV and theatre industries.

You would, however, be wrong.

NIDA offers the complete package in terms of theatre training, with Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees in disciplines ranging from Costume and Props-making, to Design and Staging, as well as Vocational Diploma offerings such as Musical Theatre, and Master of Fine Arts graduate degrees in Directing, Writing and more.

If you’re passionate about sound or lighting design, or you feel that fashion and garment-making are hobbies that have the potential to become more, or you’re an actor or singer looking to take the next step, NIDA could have a course for you. We selected four BFA courses to look at in more detail.

Acting: If you’re an actor interested in furthering your acting abilities, then NIDA’s globally-recognised BFA Acting course may strike a chord with you. From working with guest directors, who visit NIDA to lead fully-fledged productions, to being integrated into the industry and presented to industry professionals such as agents, the three-year programme equips students with the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in acting.

Interesting fact about BFA Acting: There’s up to 25 places available in the first year BFA Acting course. Last year 1,100 aspiring actors applied, so demand is high.

Top tip for getting into the course: Be resilient; it is common knowledge that some successful applicants audition for several years before getting in.

Technical Theatre and Stage Management (TTSM): Perhaps you consider yourself to be a behind-the-scenes theatre practitioner. If this is the case, the BFA TTSM course offers a way into occupations such as Sound Designer, Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, Multimedia Designer and more. The course will develop your technical abilities in theatre as well as your management skills. You’ll also gain a broad range of industry experience and knowledge.

Interesting fact about BFA TTSM: In students’ final year, they undertake a minimum of 10 weeks secondment training. Current third-year student Julian Starr will this year be Assistant Sound Designer at the famous Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo for his placement.

Top tip for getting into the course: Go to shows. See how they’re put together.

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Costume: In the BFA Costume course, students are taught to produce creative works and learn how to become costume professionals. You’ll learn techniques such as costume construction, tailoring, pattern-making, period cutting, draping, costume management, art finishing, millinery and leatherwork.

Interesting fact about BFA Costume: Head of Costume, Annette Ribbons, is an experienced costume professional, having cut and supervised for companies such as Opera Australia, Bell Shakespeare and the Sydney Theatre Company.

Top tip for getting into the course: Go to see theatre productions, visit museums and exhibitions to really get a taste of the range of costume that’s out there.

Staging: NIDA’s BFA Staging course will teach you how to create the very environments that bring theatre productions to life. From stage engineering and rigging, to risk and project management, the course combines theoretical and practical training as well as knowledge of theatre, arts and culture.

Interesting fact about BFA Staging: Graduates can enter a number of careers including Staging Technician, Technical Manager, Technical Designer, Art Installer and Systems Integrator.

Top tip for getting into the course: As practitioners of staging interweave engineering, fabrication and the arts, it’s beneficial to be curious and watchful in a broad sense. Always be asking yourself, ‘how does that work?’ or ‘how is that made?’.

Aspiring NIDA students can apply today for the 2018 higher education courses here. Applications close 30 September 2017. The National Institute of Dramatic Art will open its doors for a night of insight into its impressive array of higher education courses, staff and facilities, with Info Night on 16 August, 6–9pm. Register your attendance in advance as places are limited.


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