Music Takes Centre Stage As A Muse To Seek

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  • Wednesday, 07 October 2015 11:29
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The Australian School Of Performing Arts, Film And Television (ASPA-FTV) will present the performance ‘Music: A Muse To Seek’ at QPAC this December.

It's strange how something as intrinsically simple as music makes us dance all night, weep till dawn, sing like it’s our last breath, relax into a daydream, distract us from our daily woes and remember a life lost to yesterday. What is it about music that is so universally appealing? We’ve all had the experience when we hear a familiar song, and suddenly all our senses are alive in memory of that time in our past the song played soundtrack to.

'Music: A Muse To Seek' will aim to explore the world of music, and how it effects and speaks to each and every person. Broken into three groups with different story lines, 'Music: A Muse To Seek' will be a showcase of the year's hard work from the students at ASPA-FTV. ASPA-FTV Artistic Director Amanda Hardwick goes behind the project:

What role did you play in helping to bring life to this project?
One of my jobs as the Course Director is to theme Creative Theatre Production each year – so essentially I created the concept.  I then tasked the CTP teachers and students the job of writing and staging an original play exploring the theme – 'Music: A Muse To Seek'.

A Muse To Seek1
Why did you choose this path?
I knew the concept would appeal to our students. They are always listening to music on their phones and iPods before and after class, going to concerts and talking about bands. When I thought more about it, I became interested in how both we as humans and music are interdependent of each other. In the same way we seek muse, inspiration etc in music, music needs human experience to exist. Music seeks muse in us.

How is your role linked to music?
My role as the Course Director is not really linked to music at all. I’d love to say that I also dabble as a musician in my spare time, but I don’t… I’m just not musically gifted [laughs]. I guess I’m a patron of music?!

When did you begin working on this performance?
In February this year.

A Muse To Seek3
Does 'Music: A Muse To Seek' build on last year's 'Digital Native #nofilter' performance?
It’s completely different… Although both productions had relevant themes within today's society, the narratives are not linked in any way other than being original works, crafted by the same crew (teachers/ directors/ production designer) under the same course structure. Saying that, we hope that 'Music: A Muse To Seek' continues to build our identity as a theatre company for young people which produce shows that are original, inspired and entertaining.

Why do you think music is universally loved, a rarity in this day and age?
Music is about life, and life is a shared experience. Like theatre, movies and books, music is another way to tell stories. Stories, and the act of storytelling, remind us that we are not alone in this crazy, beautiful life.

What is your personal relationship with music?
Music is transformative. I love the relationship we (humans) have with music, and how it serves our memory. A song (even part of one, like a chorus or a lyric) can serve a memory the way a photograph can. I love turning on the radio and hearing a familiar song from years gone by. It ignites my other senses like smell and touch, and I find myself travelling back in time lingering in the moment of the memory.

What is your favourite album to listen to from front-to-back?
I haven’t done this in a long time. But, I’d have to say soundtracks are my fave thing to listen to back-to-back. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as inspiration for a feature I am Directing for Dear John Film and Theatre Company. 

A Muse To Seek
Why do you think people should come to the show?
To celebrate the young artists (and the people who devote themselves to them) who have worked so hard all year to write and stage three original, cool and entertaining plays.

'Music: A Muse To Seek' performs Queensland Performing Arts Centre 12 December.

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