Melon The Human At Woodford Folk Festival

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He's a human, he's a melon, he's Melon The Human. Confused? You shouldn't be.

Melon The Human is a one-man circus-style street performer who juggles a quirky persona as easily as the objects in his cascade.

He's heading to Woodford Folk Festival this year and wants to assure everyone that he is not a robot, just a human called Melon.

When did Melon The Human first come into existence?
May 2015.

What is Melon The Human's main goal in life?
To surround myself with my fellow humans.

Does Melon The Human eat melons at all?
Yes I do, but in the same way that humans named Rosemary do not have a particular affiliation with the herb.

Be honest, are you in fact a robot?
Odd question. No, hence the name Melon The Human.

What is the most complex or difficult aspect of what you do?
Broom juggling – however audiences prefer contortion or giant cube, which is strange, because broom is far harder.

Describe your live shows in a single sentence.
"You are so unique we may never have a job for you." - Cirque Du Soleil talent scout (2016).

Is Melon The Human looking forward to performing at Woodford Folk Festival?
Indeed. 126,000 humans attended last year. That's an excellent amount of human.

What does Melon The Human have planned for the Woodford shows?
The same things I always do in my show. Nothing has been changed. I'll juggle my broom and cube. A bit of contortion. I'll blow bubbles. Really just skills that any human could achieve with the appropriate level of training.

What makes Melon The Human unique to other circus-style performers?
Higher skill level.

What's the best way to enjoy a Melon The Human show?
In the audience. With money. I also need a volunteer at some point, please bring at least one in the audience.

Melon The Human performs at Woodford Folk Festival from 27 December-1 January.

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