Megan Mullally And Her Band Nancy And Beth Review @ Adelaide Cabaret Festival

  • Written by  Jade Manson
  • Friday, 14 June 2019 09:04
'Megan Mullally And Her Band Nancy And Beth' 'Megan Mullally And Her Band Nancy And Beth'

'Megan Mullally And Her Band Nancy And Beth' is a unique and unusual creation by Megan Mullally and co-star Stephanie Hunt. It is a part comedic act and part song-and-dance routine, which utilises the varied talents of the two well-known American actresses.

Their quirky senses of humour pair well with their kitsch matching attire, and contrast with the musical genres performed, which range from country, to jazz, R&B and of course, gospel. All of their songs are performed with a tongue-in-cheek earnestness and you can tell the performers are having fun playing the roles of Nancy and Beth.

They could perhaps have exaggerated the characters and costumes slightly more for an Australian audience, because Australian humour is also known for its awkwardness, satire and a high bar for weirdness.

There is plenty of the awkward, off-beat humour that Megan Mullally is known for in between songs, which was also captured in their dance routines. Furniture seemed to be a major theme throughout the show, which was very out of left field and featured a song about their relationship with the chairs they used for their cabaret dance routines. The comedy and performance style is hilariously oddball, and subtly makes you feel as though you have departed from reality.

There are many laugh-out-loud moments in the show. The musical acts are also very well done, and the pair of talented vocalists make a great singing duo. The other band members are featured in some of the songs to great effect and there are some impressive instrumental solos. Sometimes the song choices are slightly confusing and it is hard to draw a connection between different songs. This does however add to the sense of unusualness.

There is a surprise guest appearance by a certain 'Parks & Recreation' actor, who travels with the group, introducing the band in an entertaining fashion.

Fans of Megan Mullally and 'Parks & Recreation' will have a great time at this show, especially if you like awkward humour, jazz and country music.


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