La Boite Theatre Company's Ambassador Programme

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Queensland's second largest theatre company, La Boite, has a mission: to shake up Australia's theatre scene and keep the flow of inspiration and energy strong for both artists and audiences alike.

One of its stand-out initiatives is their Ambassador Program, which sees the company welcome 100 high school students from Queensland and New South Wales and 80 university students (50 from the Queensland University of Technology and 30 from the Southbank Institute of Technology) into the La Boite family each year.

Students are specially selected and start their year with an orientation day where they are able to meet their fellow ambassadors as well as the the company's creative professionals for the season. Ambassadors also attend a free showing of each of the company's performances for the year where they are able to once again meet with the actors and crew to discuss their experience. Other benefits include a regular e-newsletter, discounted tickets for family and friends, and the opportunity to have have input into the company and its productions with each Ambassador's feedback and new ideas highly valued.

Ambassadors are given a whole year of creative nurturing whilst simultaneously gaining invaluable real-life experience in the day-to-day runnings of a theatre company. Now in its sixth successful year, the initiative provides a perfect balance of benefits to the Ambassadors, the company and its patrons. Perhaps best of all, unlike tributes in the 'Hunger Games', La Boite Ambassadors are at no point required to battle for their lives.

Applications for the 2015 intake of La Boite Ambassadors are now open.


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