Jelly Or Jam: Emotions, Education And Jelly

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  • Wednesday, 06 February 2019 15:25
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'Jelly Or Jam' mixes entertainment and education with a whole mess of jelly at Adelaide Fringe. 'Jelly Or Jam' mixes entertainment and education with a whole mess of jelly at Adelaide Fringe.

“The thing that sets it apart, is the way we engage the brains of young people to create a storyline for themselves,” Jascha Boyce says. “And jelly.”

Since she was four, Jascha Boyce has been involved with circus and acrobatics. Her credits include being Co-Founder and Director for Gravity And Other Myths and the new Ampersand project. For the last six years she has toured the world performing with Gravity And Other Myths. Now, with her husband, Joren Dawson, they present a very different performance, 'Jelly Or Jam'.

“Resonating with kids four to nine years old, it's appropriate for everyone,” she says.

“It's a little bit educational, and quite abstract. It challenges young audiences in a positive way that makes them think about how their brains and emotions work. At the same time, we are doing acrobatics with jelly so things get messy and very silly.”

It's not just a kids show, there is something for the adults too.

“With a young audience, often comes an adult audience. So there are little jokes hidden away that are there for the adults. It may even be more touching for adults who understand more about their emotions or their child's.”

While the show aims to engage its audience on a deep level, even the performers will be having fun.

“It's definitely fun. I'm a professional performer. I don't think I could do it if it wasn't fun!” she laughs. “If I'm not feeling very good, performing 'Jelly Or Jam' makes me feel better.”

“It's exciting to have a show that can evolve and grow. The show has changed a huge amount from when it premiered at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2018.”

Kids shows tend to be formulaic, focusing on cute, simple or funny ideas. 'Jelly Or Jam' sets itself apart.

“It's a show that really challenges kids to think about the show in their own way. And jelly is quite a challenging and unpredictable substance to work with. It's also a lot of fun. The show is also interactive. There are little moments throughout that integrate the audience in different ways. There will be a chance for the audience to get a little bit messy as well.”

Jascha and her husband Joren have worked together for a long time, but there are no complaints.

“It's very interesting. I've always worked with people I'm very close with,” she responds, thinking for a moment. “At times, that can make it challenging to work creatively together. But it's a great way to work and you will find most circus performers work with people they are close with. It creates such a nice environment to work and perform in because trust is the most important thing in circus.”

There is a big year ahead for both of Jascha's projects.

“We've got a big tour with Gravity And Other Myths planned, but while we are tour we plan to develop a late night cabaret show. Like doing a kids show, it's something we haven't done before. It's a different market and we'd love to have a go. I feel like I'm still growing and developing as an artist, I feel like I've reached a new level of skill. There are many exciting opportunities and ways to grow ahead.”

'Jelly Or Jam' plays Little Theatre at RCC Fringe 16-17, 23-24 February and 2-3, 9-10 March.


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