Jamie MacDowell And Tom Thum Take Over Wonderland Festival In Brisbane

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Jamie MacDowell And Tom Thum Take Over Wonderland Festival In Brisbane Image © Chelone Wolf
Brisbane Powerhouse presents Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum: singer-songwriter and one-man orchestra.

One is good with his fingers, the other is good with his mouth – together they form an extraordinary evening of sound with two of the most exciting music makers in the country.

Tom Thum, a Brisbane local and one-man orchestra joins forces with bohemian singer-songwriter, Jamie MacDowell for a special one-night-only Brisbane Powerhouse performance as a highlight of the 2017 Wonderland Festival.

Close your eyes and you would be forgiven for thinking you are listening to a ten-man band, but armed only with a guitar and a nifty voice-box able to convey any instrument, these musical masterminds exude joy and defy expectations showcasing what makes their musical blend so magical.

A Melbourne native, Jamie has blended funk, roots and hip hop influences to create his own unique brand of acoustic rhythm. From here, Jamie has performed for ears and stolen hearts all over the world including Adelaide Fringe, Woodford Folk Festival, Edinburgh Fringe as well as featuring in Australian TV drama, 'Offspring'. Touring with Australian Circus/Hip Hop act the Tom Tom Crew is where he met beatboxing wonder-boy Tom Thum and the musical bromance began.

Tom, best known for the most watched TEDx talk of all time, credits the shower in his family home as his first audience where he would mimic a bowel-rumbling bass effect and practice other sound effects. Moving to slightly larger stages with slightly larger audiences, Tom has toured with the Tom Tom Crew and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and has amassed an impressive solo career.

On the pair’s recent Edinburgh Festival Fringe tour, Tom describes how the odd couple ended up making music together.

“We literally ran away from a circus together and the rest was history,” Tom tells Metro. “I really just like his banter to be honest; the music is our side hustle.”

Winners of Best Music Award at both Brighton Fringe in 2014 and Adelaide Fringe in 2016, the pair continually try and push the boundaries of what people expect. “We like to step outside that box and expand creatively, rather than just being those guys that jump on stage for five minutes and do a routine. We want to show people possibilities.”

Brisbane Powerhouse Artistic Director Kris Stewart says the duo’s performance is certain to be a crowd favourite at the 2017 Wonderland Festival.

“The show is overflowing with breathtaking moments, quick wit and catchy tunes which are sure to get stuck in everyone’s heads long after they leave the theatre. Jamie and Tom create a powerful sound like nothing heard before. This show will leave audiences smiling from ear to ear and hitting download on their album as soon as they walk out the door."

Wonderland Festival is on at Brisbane Powerhouse from 23 November-4 December. Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum play on 30 November.


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